Wald Plug Lamp

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Available in side table height (24 length, 36 tall installed) or floor lamp height (36 length, 48 tall installed).

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The Wald Plug Lamp is a floor lamp without the floor. Huh? It plugs directly into a wall socket, using the plug connection as its sole support. So, technically, I suppose its actually a wall light, but well accept the categorization of a floor lamp because of its height. Might I point out how much easier this would be to install than a wall sconce? It could be a clever bedside or sofa-side option for those of you who currently rent (or for those who are habitually lazy and/or averse to installing light fixtures).

Made and designed in L.A. byFeltmark.

Materials: Double bead blasted color anodized aluminum, White Ash hand finished in wax

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