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Pe00031, while driving headlights/taillights/turn signals, and brake lights go out continueously which may cause visual diffculty and may result in a crash.

: while braking the check brake lights warning illuminates. There is a NHTSA recall, 04v051000, regarding the brake lights. The vehicle has the same problems as indicated in the recall; however, it is not included in the recall due to the VIN. Updated 5/10/2006 – the right and left brake lights did not work, only the center brake light worked.

The electronic throttle system warning light came on. There was intermittent loss of power. The dealer identified the following throttle failure codes, 914f, 91b7, 9150. They replaced the throttle, cleaned pvc system and upgraded the ecm software. Total cost was $1270. 52. At the same time the brake light system failed. There was no warning light. The entire system, all three lights did not illuminate. The dealer replaced the electronic brake light switch. Cost $124. 08.

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Rear left and right brake light relays failed when the brake pedal is depressed. The center brake light functions but not the left and right rear brake lights. This problem was shown under recall NHTSA campaign 04v051000. My car is not covered by the recall when I checked with Volvo via VIN number. I believe it should be.

When I step on the brakes, sometimes I get a warning on my dashboard to check brake lights, when I check, I get the warning whenever the left and right brake lights do not light up, and only the center does. If I press multiple times they may work. I found a similar recall on the 2002 model, I have the 2001 model the number is 04v051000.

The contact owns a 2002 Volvo V70. The contact is experiencing intermittent failure with the rear brake lights. After he exits the vehicle, he notices that the brake lights remain illuminated. The lights dim only after repeated pressure is applied to the brake pedal. The dealer stated that his VIN was not included in NHTSA campaign id number 04v051000 (exterior lighting: brake lights). The manufacturer did not provide any assistance. The vehicle has not been repaired. The failure mileage was 30,265.

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I own a 2000 Volvo V70 wagon and the center brake light is not functioning. Before seeing the car, the mechanic predicted the problem would be the light harness, because the led lamps are typically long lived. (but does this also suggest the problem is commonplace?) took the car to be diagnosed. Have been told the harness needs to be replace. The cost to replace it will be about $425. While I am waiting for the part to come in, I continue to be without the center brake light.

The vehicles left and right side brake lights do not illuminate when the pedal is depressed. I replaced both of the bulbs and they still do not work. There are many additional owners with the same problem according to Volvo forums on the internet. The vehicles information system continually reads that there is an airbag problem, even though the airbags have never been activated/deployed. The instrument panel and dash lights flash on and off randomly.

Was nearly hit in rear when coming to a stop at a stop sign due to failure of brake lamps to light and warn driver behind me. Driver behind me skidded off to the side of the road. He flagged me down to advise me that the brake lights on my 2001 Volvo xc70 did not work. For this I was thankful. Investigation as to why the brake lamps failed to light, led to replacement of both lower lamps and checking the brake light switch for proper continuity. Brake lights still do not work. Application of the brake pedal results in no power being applied to the brake lamps. The switch is supplying power but not to the lamps. Further investigation has shown that there is a recall for the same identical problem for the 2002 model, NHTSA case 04v051000, Volvo recall r131. The resolution is the replacement of relays manufactured by tyco electronics which do not meet the original Volvo design specifications. My complaint is that my vehicle and others have probably been equipped with these same defective relays and, after calling Volvo customer care, Volvo refuses to resolve this serious safety issue by not including my vehicle in this recall, which is the first year of this model design change over. I am going to follow through on making the appropriate repairs for the safety of my family.

Tl- the contact owns a 2002 Volvo V70. The contact stated that the passenger and driver side brake lights failed to function while decelerating. The vehicle was not repaired. The manufacturer was contacted and informed the contact that the vehicle was not included in NHTSA campaign number 04v051000 (exterior lighting). The failure mileage was 155,000. Kmj.

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Volvo V70 owners have reported 15 problems related to(under the exterior lighting category). The most recently reported issues are listed below. Also please check out thestatistics and reliability analysis of Volvo V70based on all problems reported for the V70.

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Tl-the contact owns a 2001 Volvo V70xc. While driving approximately 55 mph, the brake pedal was engaged; however the exterior lower brake light failed to illuminate. The vehicle had not been repaired. There was a recall associated with the 2002 Volvo V70 model years. The NHTSA campaign id number was 04v051000 (exterior lighting). The manufacturer was notified of the problem. The approximate failure mileage was 130,000. Js.

Consumer stated brake lights failed intermittently. Recall o4v051000 was issued. However, this vehicle was not included in the recall due to VIN.

The left & right brake lights fail to come on when the brake is pressed. The high position light still comes on. This failure of the brakes lights can result in a wreck. Volvo replaced a faulty relay which corrected the problem. This problem is the exact problem that is addressed in a Volvo recall (see below) for 2002 models of this vehicle. The recall should be extended to include the 2001 model. The rear left and right brake light relays may not function when the brake pedal is depressed or may stay on continuously. The high positioned brake light and all other tail lights will not be affected. Consequence: if the brake lights fail to come on, there will be no lower brake lights to indicate to following vehicles that the vehicle is decelerating, which could result in a crash. Remedy: dealers will replace the brake light relay with two relays of a modified design. Volvo recall no. R131.

The contact owns a 2002 Volvo V70. He stated that two of the three rear brake lights failed. When the three brake lights failed to work properly, all of the brake lights failed to indicate that the vehicle was decelerating, which could result in a crash. The manufacturer was notified in reference to recall 04v051000, exterior lighting brake lights; however, he was advised that his VIN was excluded from and that he was ineligible for a free remedy. He purchased the parts and repaired the vehicle. The current and failure mileages were 104,000.

Exterior lighting: headlights going out while driving, brake lights do not work. Fuses are good and bulbs are good as well! brakes havent worked since the drive home head lights go in and out. Could result in an accident!.

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