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2005 volvo xc90 v8. Crank ,no start. new battery, crank,no start. new spark plugs checked compression good,Smell gasoline on the spark plugs. Checked spark it sparks, No dtcs code on it.

who knows try looking at it yourself……

How are the wires entering the distributor housing ? Are they showing bare wire from the insulation breaking loose ?

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Volvo techs say my cam oil injector / sender is causing my ck eng. Lt on and off.Changed oil , reset Lt , later Lt on , techs state particles of sludge breaking up , , 1000 miles change oil again..

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if your volvo has a/c it could be the fluid in the lines. or the drip tray under the heater is blocked.. if it has no a/c it and its been hot it could be the dash oil thats from when it was manufactured. uselly drys out but can come out over time due to weather.

I have a Throttle system faulty diagnostic error on my Volvo C30, 2.0, 2007. Replaced the Throttle body, replaced the accelerator pedal, but problem persist. can someone help me please?

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Where did you codes from. Whomever ran diagnostics should have told ypou what theyare. ASll codes are easily available on internet.

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This means you have a bad transmission control module,enginecontrol module, or dataline…The code specifically means there was a communication problem between the two modules

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Step 2:Please assign your manual to a product:

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Volvo Car and Truck

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If you dont know how to diagnose this , other then just replacing parts ,take it to a qualified repair shop that has the diagnostic info.

Put the switch from the original column into the replacement column. Problem solved. The original key is programmed to the receiver in the dash thats hooked to the computer.

Volvo has had a lot of trouble with relays in the rear control module. Check/replace the relays for the rear lights with the updated relays.

check the existing wiring see where it goes through the firewall from boot to back seat . use a coat hanger wire or a long thick cable tie to guide antenna cable through . Tape cable to guide and then gently pull it through.

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