Top Clichs from Western movies? Topic

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2. Someone will fall or jump from the gallery, If he jumps hell grab the chandelier.

Lots of good examples listed. A few others

There are only Arizona Rangers.. (apparently the Texas Rangers are a myth and dont exist.)

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From my Nez Perce research file, Indian tribal organization was very straight forward with absolute leaders given unquestiong authority. Instead given the lack of chiefs with overall authority over anything except the buffalo hunt and wars, a Nez Perce named Lawyer, decided what his tribe needed was a overall chief. So without any consent and authority from his tribe he started behaving as if he was and confused whites started breating him as such. Also tribes could be very loose organizations indeed. Again the Nez Pece varied from fairly peaceful missionary bands who lived by camas root gathering and salmon fishing to buffalo hunting non-reservation life.

Arrows in our games went

Im not sure a mule can actually be rickety unless of course it has rickets but you get the picture]

That doesnt count 44 isnt the calibre, its the magazine capacity 😀

Lately, though, they all look like they have been dipped in

black powder revolvers loaded by just pulling the under barrel lever a few times

Not just 73 colts in the ACW, but cavalry with 73 winchesters! Or Trapdoors in the ACW. Even better, settings in the 1836 texian war with.73 colts and winchesters.

-The tough guy who never ever gets seriously injured despite being in the middle of a gunfight with more ammunition expended than was used on D-Day

Adam Cartwright and Paladin wear the slinky black skin tight duds.

3. Someone is thrown through the batwing doors.

the ability to put coffee pots, plates ,cutlery and all manner of camping equipment in to a small saddle bag-apparantly

or as was said in She Wears a Yellow Ribbon

-The pithy remark, of which my favourite is in the Outlaw Josey Wales, when Clint tells Chief Dan George, I dont want to get to likin you, because when I get to likin people they dont last long Chief Dan George looks over his shoulder at the 30+ bad guys Clint has just killed Seems to me they dont last long if you get to dis-likin them

All Cattle Baron daughters are educated in the East.

What is the Wilhelm Scream? I have heard of it in reference to movies, but am not sure what kind of scream it is.

What about the green horn that loses his family to some bad guy then hooks up with a known fast gun and in a matter of days/weeks becomes good enough to beat the bad guy in a showdown at high noon

Or indians as ninjas, and indians as hapless fools who ride in and are gunned down by the thousands.

Someone gets shot and dragged by his galloping horse for miles.

the Bad Guy enters the saloon. But it starts up after

There is always a guy with a rifle on a roof, gunned down with a revolver who invariably falls off the roof no matter his position.

Lets not forget the heroic stagecoach rider fighting the Injuns while leapin from horse to horse.

All western towns have one street, all business and no houses.

2. Bad girl who loves the hero and conveniently gets shot (usually saving his life because shes in the way of the bad guys shot) so he can have the nice girl

Unrealistic, but cool: gunfighters shooting from the hip and hitting a target with every shot.

Come on guys,all those saloon bar fight cliches and no-one mentions the bloke who plays the honky tonk piano throughout-occaisionally ducking to avoid a bottle, table, chair etc thrown in his general direction.

As already noted, the inevitable series of epiphanies (brings me in mind of the movie Hooke Hooke stops, says Ive had an epiphany, Smee and Bob Hoskins, playing Smee, asks Did it hurt?

Why dont the Bad Guys ever think of SHOOTING the stampeding horses pulling the stagecoach?

Oh man I havent laughed this hard in days. I can actually picture every scene — in vivid detail — that you guys described here. AWESOME!

7. At least one bottle will be broken over someones head.

5) The bank robbery (outlaws charge in, bandanas up over their faces)

They must use nair cause when the marshal/sherrifs weekly shave in interupted by the bad guys coming into town, all he does is towel off and hes clean shaven for the rest of the flick.

The fact that Italian westerns have their anti-hero hero smoking Swisher Sweets

And if any of these arent appropriate, I aint aplogising son. Its a sign of weakness. The hell I dont.

the apparant visit to a 1950s coiffurist

Horses galloping at full stretch for hours on end though the desert

-The townsmen are too afraid to help the hero so the young girl puts them to shame with some dramatic speech.

1. Green/arroganr cavalry officer underestimating indisns

During the showdown, the bad guy is faster and for a second it looks like he won, but then he collapses and dies.

Part of the Tom Horn trial that doesnt make the two movies or various TV bits was that tom was MODERN. He had, as far as anyone knew, the only modern 30-30 winchester in the territory. First smokeles. And the bullet was distinctive enough to be told from the older 32/20, and certainly different from the 45/60 that Tom USED to kill with (and which was used in the McQueen version of the story).

John Fords classic column of troops coming in from one corner of the screen and exiting catty-corner. Very distinctive.

The shootout with a massacre that makes OK Corral pale.

There are only *Reb* veterans in the West..

Claim jumpers are always backed by one of the most respectable people in the area.

6. At least one table must be smashed by a body landing on it.

All Mexicans eat beans.. only beans. From tin plates.

and rolled in the dirt. And those are the WELL dressed cowpokes.

I have actually SEEN shows where people retroactively apply modern forensics. Which is a little silly. Out of period, there was a spencer which had the cop observe that looks like a 357 hole in the street. As a 357 shoots the same bullet as a 38, it would appear the cops experience is such that the through and through looked FASTER!

– All guns are disposable and once they run out of the first ammo load cannot be reloaded and are therefore thrown away frequently in the direction of the enemy

As for scenes, a few more come to mind:

Arrow hits tree next to hero. Fffft thunk.

Also, of course, note the dramatic increase in tempo.

and the same comedy drunk who upon seeing something odd looks hard at his bottle a throws it away.

-The sage and terse Indian companion

The stagecoach that goes over the cliff and explodes halfway down.

Fist fights along the roof of the train

Top Clichs from Western movies? Topic

The young kid/old folk who always gets the hero to help out, either by appealing to their better nature, or getting killed, & so the hero has to seek justice.

8. At least one chair will be broken over someones back.

1875 colt peacemaker revolvers in the civil war era

The runaway Chuckwagon or Conestoga which *has* to tip

I had a real-life encounter with horse cliche of how any sound of rattlesnakes automatically causes them to rear and otherwise freak out. My appaloosa new enough not to approach the nice buzz-worm but the sound didnt panic him. Anyway the critters are so damned noisy you can actually be out of rang of one, but theyre so loud youd think you were really sitting on one instead.

The runaway stagecoach with the guy that goes down between the horses, (Originally done by Yakima Canutt)

The stagecoach is out of control (the driver probably heard that shuuuunk sound right before he keeled over) and the cowboy rides up along side, climbs up, and takes control usually just in time to keep it from going over a cliff.

1. The mirror behind the bar must be smashed.

The comedy drunk, old timer etc whacking unsuspecting fighting cowboys over the head with a bottle or similar, when they happen to come within range.

2) The Saloon Fight (you know someones gonna skid, face down, the entire length of the bar)

-Same tough guy who always hits who he shoots at with his first shot, while the bad guys who have, to date, been very, very bad seem unable to hit barn, broad side of

The Career Cavalry Officer, the Brash Young Lieutenant, and the Plucky Old Tough as Spit Hard Drinkin Irish First Sgt

Could I add John Wayne to the clichs?.

Ive been thinking about some of my favorite scenes from a variety of Western movies. That got me to thinking about the most common clichs and scenes you see in these movies (especially the old Republic movies from the 1930s). Now, just because I call these Clichs doesnt mean I dont love these scenes. Theyre classic — even archetypal and they help make these old movies endure for as long as they have.

How about the fashion sense of the cowpokes?

Gotta be the injuns attacking the stage and climbing onto the team pulling it.

Aww, manthe stampeding herd with the riders bobbing

Indians playing tom toms just before they attack said wagon train. Yes, lets give up all pretenses of staging a surprise attack.

oh and last but no means least-the throwing away of the canteen after the last of the water is gone–what happens if you find a water hole and you have nothing to put it in?

Old coots are devastating with shotguns

shooting a gun out of someones hand.

4. Jumping from a first storey window onto horseback and riding off.

Pinkertons.. efficient, quiet, relentless..

All run-down shacks have glass windows which must be

1) The Showdown (classic scene, two guys face each other in the street)

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Six. .(uh, make that eight) things that must occur in every saloon fight:

The Evil Cattle/Railroad Baron that is trying to get the homesteaders off of their land, and hires a gunfighter to terrorize them.

Jimmy is using an SAA in either 44/40 or 45. The model 92 winchester used by the duke came in 44/40. Both used raw lead. Thus, there would be no noticiable difference.

Why cant more saloon bar fights crash through the scenery into a Busby Berkley dance routine in another studio?

Little Joe and The Kid have the very short jacket, and the Country Singer jeans.

Thats three sounds (or spellings)are there any other variants for arrows?

All shotguns are loaded.. but you have to open them

You are talking to your friend and the arrow from nowhere hits him in the back with that special sound shuuuuunk.

The sheriff grabs a posse out of the saloon and the men manage to ride for days without taking the time to provision themselves first.

Most of the west was concentrated around Monument Valley.

That doesnt count 44 isnt the calibre, its the magazine capacity 😀

Not to get serious, but the Liberty Valance thing would work!

Dragon Gunner, you spell shuuuuunk with five us not three.

By the way, how thirst quenching is a small glass of whiskey when youve been in the baking sun all day?

Great thread, this one. I love the Wilhelm scream compilation.

The hero in the spaghetti western movies is always an anti-hero.

to make sure.. then close them with a *snap*..

Ok a couple of my favourites not yet mentioned:

Gelignite or equivalent explosive] is always sweaty and liable to explode at any minuteusually when being transported on a rickety train/mule etc

– No-one is ever smart enough to suspect that the guy they just shot might only be lightly wounded or playing possum and so they always walk up and stand beside them only to then be stabbed or shot at point blank range by the supposed corpse

I thought everyone ate beans and only from tin plates.

5. The fight will spill over into the street and someone will wind up in the horse trough.

Gatling guns never jam and a stick magazine holds 24000 rounds

Any horse can pull iron bars out of stone walls..

The Wilhelm Scream !!! No Western is complete without it !

Gold always seems to either get lost, or have a curse on it.

The green guy faces down the badass in the street and someone else shoots him with a rifle, and nobody ever notices (yup, if there had been a CSI in that town, Im pretty sure they wouldhave noticed that Liberty Valance died from a rifle bullet, not a revolver bullet).

4 Indians attacking the Cavalry in their wooden fort behind that tall fence (yup, its got that pointy top)

And yup, I am searching for ideas for one of my Hot Lists over at the Hawgleg Website for next year (yup, I do them this far in advance).

3. Cavalry arriving in the nick of time.

The Wilhelm Scream is a stock sound effect used in many movies. Originally from some 50s Western, I think. Since the 70s film-makers have been putting it in pictures as a kind of in-joke:

Heres a few, and Id love to hear yours:

Yer yeller (must be said in best Gabby Hayes voice)

The piano player stops and all conversation ends when

I always got a good laugh around the campfire at night with the arrow in the back joke. You hear a sound and you ask what was that and then you make the shuuuuunk sound (thats the sound I always use) and your last words are Indians. Now I find out they where laughing at the sound not the joke.

You were either a white hat kind of guy or an unrepentent black hat wearer. Consider the Earp family, just because Wyatts kin were in town didnt make them automatic good guys. An embarassing number of law men might be upholders of the law in one town, move on to another town where they became outlaws.

Indians attacking the wagon train, which has just circled up, and the Indians ride circles around the wagon camp and get shot to pieces by the settlers.

Camp fire scenes where partners that have rode together for decades finally give up embarrassing facts about themselves

The woman always fall in love with the hero.

the neat trick with a sweat bead of nitro glycerin- the resultant satisfying crack and the meaningful look afterwards

4. Someone is thrown through the plateglass window

People who live in towns become automatic pascifists when trouble rides into town. Consider the Younger Gangs raid on Northfield, Minnesota. By all rights the towns folk should have gone catatonic with fear. Instead sufficient Union army vets grabbed arms and started blasting..

Goodies wear white hats. Baddies wear black ones

I would love to have the business replacing glass windows in Western towns. I would make a fortune.

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