Top 10 Best LED Light Bars For Trucks and SUVs 2018

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ECCPP 22 120W Off Road LED Work Light Bar

Coming in as our number 10 spot is Xprites30 Off-Roading LED light bar. Costing about 50 dollars for the entire LED bar, it boasts a combo of FLOOD and SPOT lights which can be activated individually or all at once. LED color temperature is around 6000K, giving it a very bright white light. Overall coverage is rated at 11,250 lumens, which to say the least, isnt low at all.

Some of the most common applications for light bars are the following:

LED by default, use up very little power even in this magnitude. Mount these up under the bumper, in the grill or up on top. A very popular item to be used when combined with both headlights. Proper adjustment is required when installing, test them out at different angles and see where they shine.

To wrap it all up, you need to also keep in mind that a good working car battery will allow you to run heavy duty electronics with no problem. Findthe best car batteryfor you vehicle by reading our full comprehensive guide.

Once you have an area to mount this light to, the remaining installation isnt too difficult. About 45 minutes to 1 hour is about what it will take for you to complete installation.

The overall light output is 6000K bright white and 12,600 lumens of light intensity. Use it on off-road, 44, mining vehicles, boats, or  ATVs. From its 42 individual user reviews, it receives a VERY rare but well deserved 5 stars from 5.

Orion 42 Off-Road Extra LED Light Bar

NOTE:Its important to know the laws in regards to high-intensity lighting. These light bars in most cases, will blind other drivers if not adjusted properly.

Nearly 600 individual user reviews have given this 20 inch LED light bar 4.6 stars from 5. Check it out on their official Amazon page for more specs.

The housing and mounting brackets are all made of aluminum and the toughened glass allows for more resistance against impact, especially from placed like grill and bumper. To wrap it all up, this light bar comes with the required wiring harness to get everything up and running.

The second most popular headlight bulb upgrade is anLED headlight bulb kit.These are not as popular yet, but are by far the longest lasting bulbs youll ever buy. Life spans of around 50,000 hours and an instant light without any warming up phase during start-up.

TMH® 20 Dual Row High Power 126w Cree Xb-d SMD LED Work Light Bar

View more specs and over 430 individual user reviews, check out this LED bars official Amazon page.

For all the truck guys and gals, a fairly basic but very useful  modification is a good quality LED light bar. These things can really shine up the road ahead of you, ranging in intensity greatly. Where youll find the most vehicles with any kind of LED light bars are rural areas where popular is scarce, and wildlife is plentiful.

Moving down in terms of size and toPentons 24 inch LED light bar, a decrease in size by more than half. Although at just 24 (2 feet), it has increadible light output which includes Spot and Flood lights. It uses 160 Watts of energy and about 10-30 volts of electricity. Rated at 6000K (ultra bright white light), these beams can shine at 2 different directions: 30 degrees as the spot light, and 60 degrees as the flood light.

You can select if you want to use the Spot light option or the Flood light option. Target these bright LED lights from as narrow as 30 degrees to as wide as 60 degrees. Combine both for 60-degree coverage and concentrated 30 degree ultra bright center. Impact resistant front lens is also waterproof, making it withstand the tough elements youd typically received mounting it down low.

Moving towards our number 8 contestant, isECCPs 22 120W Off-Road LED Work Light Bar. For ATVs, SUVs, project vehicles, off-road vehicle, and boats alike, this 22 light bar will shine at approximately 6000K light output (traditional LED bright white). ECCPP manufactured these lights to work past 30,000 hours or approximately a 5-year life span.

Xprites 30 Off-Roading LED light bar

Over 200 individual user reviews have given a confident 4.5 stars of 5.0. Whether youre using this on a truck, SUV, boat, or even construction equipment, the durability and brightest is definitely there.

Night Time Driving:Make your field of view 3x better compared to even the brightest stock headlights.

Kohree 12 72W 7200lm Cree Spot Flood Combo Beam Led Work Light Bar

Like we stated above, this LED bar is rated at 120 watts and only required approximately 10-30 watts of energy. Take a look a bit deeper into this light, view their official Amazon page below.

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Inside the vehicles front grill (peeking through the grill)

Emergency Situations:These are popularly used by law enforcement agencies and firefighters for all types of emergency situation.

If you thought 7 was a big and bright light bar, you havent seen anything just yet.Auxbeams 54 312W LED lightis one of the brightest and longest bars you can get. The curved design will provide you with a broader viewing area, along with the Spot and Flood lights built-in allowing you to choose between narrow light, wide light, or both. Running on 300W and 10-30 volts, it can shine as much as 31,200 lumens (which is a BIG improvement from the ultra bright Senlips mentioned above).

Some of the best led light bars can produce over 30,000+ lumens of light intensity, which is incredibly bright giving you a much brighter and broader field of view (in some cases intensity can exceed of ones used for road work).

With a lifespan of over 30,000 hours, you better believe this will outlast your vehicles headlight bulbs by a long stretch. Additionally, the housing is made of die-cast aluminum and mounting brackets are made of a similar material. Overall sturdiness is an A+, along with durability.

Holding it all together is a aluminum case, along with the mounting brackets enable you to place it in multiple spots. Compare it to other 20 bars, and youll notice this Glotech light is a bit shorter due to the mounting brackets located in the bottom (versus being on the ends).

As of right now, over 240 individual user reviews have given this kit 4.2 stars from 5. Take a look at their official Amazon page for more information.

Mounted directly onto the front bumper guard

In our list below, we listed 10 on-road and off-road led light bars for trucks, suvs, cars, and anything else you get them on to.

Obviously you can get other dimensions aside from those, but for the most popularly purchased items, youll find them to be in those particular sizes.

If you want something heavy duty, something that sits at over 4 feet long,Senlips 52 Light bar. This particular light stretches to 52 inches in total, and is perfect to be mounted on any bumper or roof. LED power voltage is about 300 watts and light intensity is 6000K bright white at 25,000 lumens (super bright). Being curved means youre getting a wider light coverage, along with that, youre also getting flood and spot lights built in).

A very popular item for truck, ATV, UTV, and SUV owners. From over 500 individual user reviews, it received a solid 4.5 stars from 5. Check it out from their official Amazon page for more specs.

While LED bars for your truck or SUV may be great for off-roading, but what about on-road light upgrades that are street legal? Well, we created a few different guides for two different headlight bulb upgrades.

Boating/Other Marine Applications:While using these int the open sea wont help you that much, in situations like docking and landing, an intense and bright LED bar is HIGHLY recommended.

Off-Roading:This is where theres no white and yellow lines to guide you where you gotta go. Often times trees are abundant and wildlife can appear out of nowhere. Using a good LED light bar is recommended.

On top of the roof (near the windshield)

Pentons 24 inch off road LED light bar

Most popular sizes are:6inchled light bars, 12inchled light bars, 20inchled light bars, 24inchled light bars, 30inchled light bars, 40inchled light bars, and 50inchled light bars.

Powered by 80 ultra bright LED lights, thisOrion 42 Off-Road lighting baris perfect for 44s, SUVs, Jeeps, Trucks, tractors, Rhinos and other off-road vehicles. You get exactly what youd want for installation, with minumum time required to get everything on and running.

Home/Backyard Use: Non-vehicle uses can also be utilized with these light bars. Use them for parties, clean-up or whatever else high-intensity lighting requires.

If you want a heavy duty light but dont want to spend a fortune, this 52 light bar is perfect.

Coming in as our 1 best led light bar for trucks, suvs and other types of vehicles, itsTMHs 20 Xb-d SMD light bar. Equipped with 42 ULTRA bright CREE LEDs, its capable of emitting 13,000 lumens of brightness at 6000K ultra bright white temperature. Enclosed in a cast aluminum shell and aluminum mounting brackets, youre able to place this bar: behind the front grill, below the bumper, on the bumper, on the roof by the windshield, or by the trunk/tailgate.

Heavy Duty Equipment:Any commercially used vehicles and snow plow trucks can benefit from an improved field of view.

This bar uses a rugged+durable cast aluminum housing with a combination of shatter proof PMMA lens, rated for dust and water resistance. One of the most common causes of internal water condensation is heat, but with ECCPP youre getting a lens made of quartz which has high light transmission and heat elimination capability.

WoneNice 52 300W LED Driving Light Bar

WoneNices 52LED light bar

NOTE:This product comes with a 1 year warranty.

Being LEDs means youll get over 30,000 hours of life from them. On top of that, youre also able to turn them on and wait just milliseconds for them to get to full brightness (essentially, instantly). Its perfect for trucks, SUVs, ATVs, other off-road vehicles, military and even mining equipment. Lastly, the mounting brackets enable you to mount it from either the bottom OR  sides.

Check it out on their official Amazon page, over 150 individual user reviews have given it 4.8 stars from 5.0.

These products are quite simple in design, but serve a GREAT purpose when mounted and used properly. These lights can be short, and they can be long.

This LED bar runs off of 10-30V, powering the spot lights at 30 degrees angle, and flood lights at 60 degrees. When powering both, youre able to get a 60-degree lit area, an impressive distance using the spot (centered) lights.

Penton® 160w 24 Inch LED Driving Work Light Bar

Most popular places where you to mount your very own LED light bar:

ECCPP 22 120-Watt Off-Road LED Light Bar

With over 275 individual user reviews and an average rating of 4.3 of 5.0, this 3ft+ sized light bar will work perfectly on any truck or SUV.

First one is by far the most popular option areXenon HID headlight kits. These bulbs function similar to halogen light bulbs, but with much higher light outputs. Over the last 10-15 years, the prices have fallen drastically allowing you to buy a good set for less than 100 dollars.

TMHs 20 Xb-d SMD light bar

The smallest of our top 10 lights, the Kohree12 led light baris perfect for small sized vehicles. It features a beautiful white 6000K light, with an output of 6000K. It consumes very little power of just 72 watts using 12-30 volts of energy. Being at only 12 inches, its an excellent spot light in addition to other lights on board  (or just solo). Made of cast aluminum die cast shell, it enables you to mount it in areas where flying rocks and debris are an inherent risk (bumper and grill).

Senlips Light Bar 52 300w Cree Curve LED Light Bar

Depending on how you like it, this bar includes 3 different settings for lighting. Setting 1 is for the flood lights, allowing you to have less distance but more width, 2 is spot light which narrows down the light for longer distance concentration, 3 is the use of both which combines the widest angle with the longest distance.

Moving down to our number 4 contestant isWoneNices 52 LED light bar. This light in particular is mode of all aluminum (with the brackets), toughened glass and a waterproof rating of 67. Operating on 10-30 DC volts it uses about 300 watts of power, giving you a 6000K color temperature (bright white), and over 30,000 hours of life.

Moving down to yet another small led light for trucks, isGlotechs 20 LED bar. Relatively small in size compared to the ones mentioned above, this is by far the best-rated light weve come across by a good number of users. It boasts a total of 48 LED lights which are behind an impact and waterproof glass lens.

Glotech 20 126w 12600lm Cree LED Light Bar

Xprite 30 Led Off Road Led Light Bar

Made of white extruded aluminum and polycarbonate lenses, you have the option of mounting it to placed where flying objects are likely to hit (bumper or grill). Impact resistant and water proof glass adds to the durability of this long, high-intensity light bar. Lastly, the mounting brackets allow you to adjust it up or down according to your preference. Over 200 individual user reviews have given a confident 4.5 stars of 5.0

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