The Meanings Behind 15 Symbols On Your Cars Dashboard

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The Meanings Behind 15 Symbols On Your Cars Dashboard

The British intelligence community became so worried that Wallis and Edward were Nazi sympathizers that they decided to make a preemptive strike against any future leaks. Edward received a new assignmentthe relatively low-risk governorship of the Bahamas. The couple spent five years there in a Napoleon-like exile. Wallis hated life in the Bahamas and made frequent shopping trips to the U.S., which irked many British citizens who were having to deal with severe rationing and ongoing blackouts.


Others thought that the Nazis were gleaning information about French defenses from the loose-lipped duchess. Some of the rumors were pretty steamy: Peoplespeculatedthat German foreign minister Joachim von Ribbentrop had been Walliss lover during the mid-1930s and sent her 17 carnations a day as a reminder of how many times they slept together.

What it means:There may be an issue with one or more of your cars airbags, or the airbag system in general.

What it looks like:A snake-infested ATM.

Eventually, Sajak hit on an idea: He wrote a letter to one of his old radio employers who had been elected to Congress. A few calls to the right people later, and Sajak became an Army disc jockey, a job he held for 18 months. Sajak didnt love a lot of the militarys radio rules, so he circumvented them. If you said your name, you were supposed to say your rankspecialist fifth class, which kind of ruins your patter, he later toldThe New York Times. So on the radio I would just not say my name at all. I went for a year on radio without ever identifying myself.

What it looks like:Youre about to get three wishes.

Wheel of Fortunewas a hit, but now it needed a new host. Game show mogul Merv Griffin was watching the news in Los Angeles when he saw a promising young weatherman named Pat Sajak on KNBC-TV. Griffin hand-picked Sajak to take overWheel, later explaining that he liked Sajak because he looked live everyones uncle.

It takes quite a woman to get a man to give up the English throne just to marry her, but twice-divorced American socialite Wallis Simpson pulled off that very feat in 1936 when she married King Edward VIII. Here are five things you might not know about the woman for whom Edward abdicated the throne.

What it looks like:A pirate ship with its sails down as if to say, Im just a normal boat, no pirates here.

What it means:You need to engage the brake, either to start your cars ignition or to get it out of neutral.

When something goes wrong with your car or if a feature you should know about gets activated, a signal funnels through the electrical system and into the dashboard. This illuminates a hieroglyphic, and these cover a wide range of issuessome of which may be serious. Here are the meanings behind 15 of these curious-looking markers (and what they look like, in case you need a mnemonic device to help your memory).

In early 1989, Sajak was looking for a new challenge, so he decided to try a jump to late night. CBS started airing Sajaks nightly 90-minute talk show with an interesting philosophy: instead of trying to revolutionize late-night programming, Sajak and his producers thought the medium was already great and tried to build a broad appeal by maintaining the status quo. Check out this odd lineup of guests from the first episode ofThe Pat Sajak Show: Chevy Chase, Joan Van Ark, baseball commissioner Peter Ueberroth, and music from the Judds.

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What it means:Your engine is running low on oil, or there is a problem with your cars oil pressure system.

7. Automatic Shift Lock or Engine Start Indicator

What it looks like:The cover of a fitness magazine.

What it means:Buckle your seatbelt, please.

He worked a midnight-to-6-a.m. shift reading the news every hour as it came in off the wire. Although the station was Spanish, Sajak read the news in English, which probably limited his audience. On top of that, he didnt speak Spanish, and the disc jockey he worked with didnt speak English, which made the transition to the news a bit tricky. Id hear him say my name, and I figured that was my cue, Sajak later toldUSA Today. I made whatever was minimum wage at the time. I think $1.80 an hour.

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The Meanings Behind 15 Symbols On Your Cars Dashboard

What it means:The cars traction control system is engaged.

Wallis and Edward ran afoul of the rest of the royals (and much of the British government) during World War II. The Duke and Duchess of Windsor made a high-profile trip to Nazi Germany during 1937 to see how the German people lived under Hitlers regime; they even stayed with the Fuhrer as his personal guests. When tensions flared during the early days of World War II, the couple was still said to entertain fascist friends in their French home.

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What it looks like:They put a boot on your car and your car is also covered in icicles. This has been the worst winter ever.

What it means:The washer fluid level is low. Please fill that up when you get a chance.

What it means:It can blink on for a number of reasons.Read about some of those here.

What it means:The pressure in one or more of your tires is too low and needs to be attended to.

What it means:You are running low on fuel. Fun fact: The symbol on the fuel gauge also has an arrow next to itthis indicates which side of the car has the gas cap. No more gas station three-point turns in rental cars ever again.


What it means:The cars charging system is short of power. You are running solely on battery.

Your dashboard may be different and the symbols may have altered designs or indicate slightly different things, so be sure to consult your owners manual. Some of these lights could portend a serious malfunction. Dont ignore them. When in doubt, have a professional check it out. (For more information on dashboard symbols for all types of cars, check outthis resource. Andthis one.)

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Sothebys expected the cake curiosity to sell for $500 to $1000. The bidding for the slice of cake quickly became heated, though, and in the end California couple Benjamin and Amanda Yim forked over $29,000 for the well-aged baked good. Benjamin Yimexplainedhis purchase by saying, It is almost unimaginable to have such an item exist. It is something totally surreal. It represents the epitome of a great romance.

What it looks like:A conductors point of view, tapping her music stand and preparing to lead an orchestra consisting of two candy canes that are stuck together.

Sajak may be synonymous withWheel of Fortunenow, but he hasnt always been the shows host. Chuck Woolery ofLove Connectionfame was the original host for the first six years of the shows run, but in 1981 he parted ways with the show.

Maybe it was only natural that Sajak would have Ueberroth on his first late-night show; the man is a baseball nut. (You may have spotted him sitting behind home plate during an Angels-Yankees ALCS game in Anaheim.) In fact, he loves baseball so much that in 2004 he pounced on the opportunity to become an investor in the upstartGolden Baseball League. The independent league actually had some luck at getting players Major League Baseball jobs, including Seattle Mariners reliever Chris Jakubauskas. In 2011, the GBL combined with United League Baseball and the Northern League to form the first nationwide indie pro baseball league.

What it looks like:James Carville wearing a bandolier.

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In February 2009, rumors started to circulate in the British press that Madonnawantedto make a musical about Wallis Simpsons life and play the starring role. Sources close to the singer reported that Madonna closely identified with Simpson following her divorce from director Guy Ritchie. Apparently Madonna identifies with the idea of a tabloid-mocked American marrying a British institution, but the project isnt in production yet.

What it looks like:Yellow submarine, a yellow submarine, a yellow submarine.

What it means:You may need a key with the proper transponder in order to trigger the ignition. Or, there is something else wrong with your cars anti-theft system.

The Duke and Duchess owned a pack of pugs with great names: Disraeli, Davey Crockett, Black Diamond, Imp, Trooper, and Ginseng. Wallis didnt just love live pugs, though; she also had 11 pug-shaped pillows arranged at the foot of her bed. The pillows were replicas of a needlepoint done by actress Sylvia Sidney, and sold for $13,800 after the Duchesss death.


What it means:There is an issue with your anti-skid system, and it may be shut off completely.

What it looks like:A jellyfish leaping through a waterfall.

Pat Sajak joined the U.S. Army in 1968 with the hope that he could avoid being sent to Vietnam. Of course, since it was 1968, that plan didnt work out so well; Sajak ended up working as a finance clerk in Long Binh, Vietnam. Desperate to switch jobs, he kept applying for radio duty, but nothing happened.

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What it looks like:A Buckingham Palace guard telling you the field goal is GOOD!

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Hell sell you a vowel or sympathize when you go bankrupt, but how well do you knowWheel of Fortunehost Pat Sajak? Here are a few things you might not have known about the veteran game show man.

Remember the episode ofSeinfeldwhere the fictional J. Peterman bought a slice of Edward and Walliss 60-year-old wedding cake for $29,000? That little quirk didnt just spring from Jerry Seinfelds headit actually happened.

In 1997, Sothebys held a largeauctionof the Duke and Duchesss personal effects, including a slice of cake in a box marked A piece of our wedding cake WE WE 3-VI-37. (The WE stood for Wallis and Edward.)

What it looks like:Pyramid on the dollar bill…or is that what the Illuminatiwantsyou to think it looks like???????????

What it looks like:A man wearing a tie, shaking his fist at you as he falls down. Why did you push him?

What it means:There is an issue with your anti-lock brake system that needs to be diagnosed and fixed.

Sajaks first steady radio gig was in Chicago on a tiny 250-watt Spanish language station.

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What it means:Your engine is too hot, friend. Here is auseful guide for what to do if your engine overheats.

What it means:Your fog lights are on.

What it looks like:The bat signal, if Bruce Wayne had been traumatized in a shoe closet instead of a bat cave as a child.

In 1936,TimehonoredWallis Simpsons major coup of getting Edward to abdicate his throne by naming her Woman of the Year, the first time the magazine had ever given its Man of the Year award to a woman. She didnt sneak past a field of slackers to get the honor, either; the other finalists included FDR, Mussolini, Eugene ONeill, Chiang Kai-shek, British Prime Minister Stanley Baldwin, Lou Gehrig, Jesse Owens, and Margaret Mitchell.

Why did the magazine choose to honor Wallis Simpson over so many people who changed the course of 20th century history?According toTime, In the single year 1936 she became the most-talked-about, written-about, headlined and interest-compelling person in the world. In these respects no woman in history has ever equaled Mrs. Simpson, for no press or radio existed to spread the world news they made.

The show may have been broad, but its appeal wasnt. Sajak didnt thrive in the late-night game, and the show got the ax after just over a year despite Sajak being signed to a two-year guaranteed contract. Towards the end of the shows run, CBS started using the show as an audition platform for replacement hosts, including a radio up-and-comer named Rush Limbaugh. This experiment didnt go so well; Limbaugh immediately brought up abortion and locked horns with a female audience member. (Have a look for yourself above.)

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What it looks like:Cthulhu wearing a fedora.

At least one funny story sprang from the Duchesss lifelong love of pugs. Famed photographer Richard Avedon got an opportunity to photograph Edward and Wallis during a 1957 stay at the Waldorf Astoria. Avedon didnt want to take another bland, guarded picture of smiling members of the royal family, so he got creative. After remembering that the couple were dog lovers, he told a long, sad story about seeing a taxi run over a pup. He then snappedthe pictureright as their faces looked the most concerned. The photo, which now hangs in the National Portrait Gallery, is one of Avedons more memorable works.

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