Statistics Floor to ceiling effect use of interval normal

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Statistics Floor to ceiling effect use of interval normal

Transport and Agricultural Economics

Special Education and Learning Difficulties

Basic Economic Concepts and Principles

2.22 This would be a ceiling effect because a high proportion of the subjects studied would have the maximum score on the observed variable.

Principles of Mathematical Economics

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2.36. For each of the types of data described below, would you present individual data values or grouped data when creating a frequency distribution? Explain your anwser clearly. (a) eye color observed for 87 people (b) minutes used on a cell phone by 240 particpants (c) time to complete the Boston Marathon for the nearly 22,000 runners who participate (d) number of siblings for 64 college students.

New Religious Movements and Spirituality

2.12. Convert 817 out of 22,140 into a percentage. Now convert 4009 out of 22,140 into a percentage. What type of variable: (ordinal, nominal, or scale) are these data counts? What kind of variable are they as percentages?

Code of Professional Ethics for Teachers

Substance Abuse and Addictive Behaviors

2.10. What are floor and ceiling effects?

Research Methods and Experimental Design

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Astrophysics and Atmospheric Physics

2.4. Describe two ways that statisticians might use the word interval.

Experimental Design and Methods in Chemistry

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Criminology, Law, Deviance and Punishment

Multivariate, Time-Series, and Survival Analysis

Epidemiology (Population-Based Health Studies)

Drama, Film, and Mass Communication

Technology, Internet and Mass Communication

2.22 Would thedatafor number of murders by those convicted of the crime be an example of a floor or ceiling effect?

Correlation and Regression Analysis

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2.36 (a) Grouped because there are easily defined groups like green, blue, brown etc. (b) Individual because its not a relatively large sample and it would be difficult to define groups and every time …

Evaluation, Measurement and Research Methods

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