Satechi Smart LED Desk Lamp Review

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The Satechi Smart LED Desk Lamp is a great product. It can even be adjusted to suit your particular workspace. The LED panel can tilt 140 degrees and the frame can be turned a full 90 degrees. More adjustment options would have been nice. Sometime I want to pivot the LED panel toward or away from me depending on my working conditions. But this is not possible.

The Satechi Smart LED Desk Lamp is an attractive offering in all black with chrome highlights for the various touch-enabled buttons. The unit comes with the lamp and AC power adapter. No assembly is required. Its ready to go right out of the box. The Smart Lamp features eight touch buttons. There are four setting options. Reading Mode using 4300k-5300k mid-range color temperatures to help you focus and concentrate with reduced eye strain. Study Mode is the brightest at high range color temperatures of 6000k-7000k. This mode supposedly helps to increase attention and concentration. Im not so sure on that one. But I appreciate the enhanced level of brightness in this cooler, whiter illumination temp. Relaxation Mode  promotes calm with a warmer color at lower range temperature of 2500k-3300k. Bedtime Mode is my personal favorite. It encourages a deeper sleep and is also hitting at 2500k-3300k color temps.

Unfortunately the lamp does not provide any sort of feedback upon pressing the touch-sensitive buttons. So pay attention to what youre pressing or you could throw the timer on inadvertently to find yourself in the darkness in an hours time.

Bottom Line: The Satechi Smart LED Desk Lamp comes highly recommended for students, office workers, garage work, relaxing and so much more. Its made to be Green and highly energy-efficient.But it aint cheap.

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The Satechi Smart LED Desk Lamp is available atAmazonfor $99.99.

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Its amazing what a few minor interior decorative touches and changes can do for ones productivity. When I say minor I mean that in the truest most diminutive sense of the word. I recently obtained  a new office chair. Its just an office chair. It doesnt bring me beer or comb the little crumb-snatchers hair in the morning. More importantly, it doesnt stop the wife from incessantly moving my keys without telling me. It does offer exceptional comfort, which combats fatigue to help keep me energized throughout my day.

The other four buttons from left to right are brightness controls for increasing and decreasing. Each of the aforementioned modes can shift between 5-different brightness intervals. The next touch-sensitive button is a timer switch. A single press enables the 1-hr shutoff timer. This great to further save energy when in case you forget to turn the thing off. Of course you have to remember to set the timer in first place. The power button rounds out the last of the touch buttons.

The new Satechi Smart LED Desk Lamp is another such device that I welcomed with open enthusiasm. It does more than illuminate my work space. With four very different illumination settings, the Smart LED Desk Lamp is ready to brighten any time of day with varying illuminations tailored to enhance your reading, study hours, relaxation and even bedtime. This is an energy-efficient lamp which uses half the power of a fluorescent. Its made from green materials and is also capable of charging USB devices such as your cell phones, MP3 player, Bluetooth devices and more. However, such high-tech sophistication doesnt come cheap.

Regardless, this is an environmentally sound and energy-efficient lamp that works great for multiple purposes. Reading and working at a desk is definitely made more pleasant. But I found the Study mode is a perfect workshop lamp. I just rebuilt my computer over the weekend in the wee hours of the night where my normal lighting situation was insufficient. But the Study mode illuminated all areas of my computer case for me to easy and clearly rebuild my desktop computer. Thanks Satechi!

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