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IMO they should always use Wi-Fi over Bluetooth when making Smart Home products, especially when the product is plugged in to the wall. Wi-Fi is very power consuming, and are therefore not ideal for battery powered products. Z-Wave is a less power consuming standard, which have many of the same abilities as Wi-Fi. All D-Links new Smart Home products use the Z-wave technology.

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My last one is the Xiaomi bed table light with all the colors.

For the moment I just bought the new Xiaomi Segway and this lamp. In the near future I might try the domestic set. I will update you!

The fact that Xiaomi chose the Z Wave technology over Wi-Fi or Bluetooth was a good idea. Z Wave is far less power consuming than the two other technologies with the same abilities as the other technologies. Z wave requires a bridge, which can be Wi-Fi connected and then give the products the same abilities as a pure Wi-Fi products.

I have just started buying items from Xiaomi since I have moved to China in September. So Cool!

As I imagined, unfortunately Xiaomi does the same as other brands with this closed doors ecosystem. It could have been cool and full of potential.

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I can see, that I forgot to post the a link yesterday, which was my source of information… When I read about the Yeelight product, I can see that they use Bluetooth to connect.

No, I dont believe you can do that. The products need to be listed here, if it should work:

The Segway is definitely a great product. It is a new generation of the old and funky Segway we saw in the early years of 2000s. Now they are smaller, sexier and definitely cheaper. I might share a full review one day! I have never tried any other seaboard, so sorry but i wont be able to answer this question. For the allowance to use it, instead, I can tell you that here in CHINA we do not have problems at all. I use it on every roads around the city, the university and so on. Furthermore I also use it inside buildings and in elevators. But since here scooters do the same quite often, I cant say the same about the rest of the world

How is the segway? Have you tried a Segboard – if yes, how do these two products compare? Are you allowed to drive in the streets and in buildings?

I was wondering, is there any way to control it with IFFT? This would be really cool so I could control it from my watch (Pebble) or other options

Have you bought any smart home products and how do they work?

So just to make me a little more clear on the matter, because i thought it was Bluetooth capable. In order to connect to my Xiaomi lamp, what should I turn on on my phone? Bluetooth or Wifi? This is a cool topic i would like to understand better

reddit the front page of the internet

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