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As stated above, the fan switch is malfunctioning. ac works as 2 lower fan speeds but not in the 2 highest speeds. bl…

The Ac Fan Switch Has 5 Position, Off And 4 Fan Speeds. T…

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My car tells me the position light bulb has failed, cant find it in the manual.

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4 wheel drive wont work. Electrical or differenal?

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What and where is the position light?

parking brake not releasing,shows on screen need to change rear discs and pads.

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Volvo Repair in Cape May Court House, NJ

This is likely one of the bulbs in the rear taillight assemblies. Turn the lights on and look at the rear lights, you should be able to tell which on is burned out. They are tricky to replace, good luck!

why does the car keep going into limp mode

Weve had to replace the bulb three times. I have a feeling Im just not getting it in really well. Next time I get the notice Im not going to replace the bulb and see if it may just need tightening. Not too hard to do if your hands are small and can fit it the well where the assembly is. Rear end lights, just check and see which of the four lights dont come on….

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98 Volvo V70 dashboard and some switches stopped working. Why?

Need To Know Where To Start Looking For Electrical Issue …

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Electrical components start shutting down while driving then car dies. car starts again later. i noticed the voltage …

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