Plastic Lighting Diffusers

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Clear acrylic cracked ice lighting panel

We cut everything we sell – straight, curved, holes, slots, rings, and custom.

Opal white cracked ice acrylic lighting panel

E- All oversize material, exceeding 48 x 96

Plastic egg crate louvers/diffusers provide visual comfort and lighting efficiency. The open cell design allows for free air circulation resulting in lower operating temperatures, which increases ballast life and improves lamp performance.

Award winning fabricator and plastics supplier!

Prop 65 Warning: Some adhesive products sold by ePlastics are a possible cause of cancer, might cause reproductive harm or birth defects.

.060 x 48 x 96 Lumen XT-LW3 Polycarbonate Sheet

Opal styrene cracked ice lighting panel

Styrene lighting panels are the most economical type of plastic light diffuser on the market. They offer a lightweight and easy to use solution for almost any fluorescent light cover need. Standard sizes fit most drop-in ceiling systems as well many standard fluorescent lighting fixtures. We offer them in many different finishes and colors ready for use in commercial or residential locations including kitchen and bath fixtures, basements, office buildings, schools, garages and recreation rooms.

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A- Items that fit into a small box or sheets 12 x 12 or less. Rod/Tubes up to 6 feet in length.

Clear acrylic prismatic lighting panel

Sample pack of lighting diffuser panels

Clear acrylic prismatic lighting panel

Opal white cracked ice acrylic lighting panel

Acrylic lighting panels are an economical, lightweight, and much stronger than alternatives. They offer an easy to use solution for all fluorescent lighting cover needs. Like styrene, they are available in multiple finishes and colors and are ready for use in a variety of commercial and residential locations.

Clear acrylic cracked ice lighting panel

0.125 X 48 X 96 Clear Prismatic Polycarbonate Lighting Panel

Opal acrylic prismatic sheet lighting panel

Clear acrylic prismatic grid lighting panel

Find ceiling lighting panels at ePlastics®. We offer a wide variety of high-quality lighting panels in stock sizes, oversize, completely custom sizes. All are available for simple online purchase or pick up in our store. Since no two lighting fixtures are the same, we can cut each and every panel to the exact size that is required. We stock clear and opal white styrene panels as well as variations in acrylic and polycarbonate material. We carry up to a 50 x 100 sheet sizes (which must be cut for standard shipping rates).

0.125 X 24 X 48 Clear Prismatic Polycarbonate Lighting Panel

C- Nothing larger than 48 x 48 or 24 x 96

ePlastics® is an authorized distributor of Plexiglas® acrylic sheet, Lucite® acrylic sheet, Polycast®, Optix® and Perspex® acrylic sheet, an authorized distributor of Makrolon® polycarbonate sheet and many other brands of plastic sheet.

ePlastics® is a registered trademark of Ridout Plastics, Inc.

Sizes:Standard sheet sizes are 23 3/4 x 47 3/4 (2 x 4 light panels)

Plastic Lighting Diffusers

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