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More information on Philips LED lighting is available on the Philips New Zealand website.

These SmartBright down-lights are relatively low priced attractive fittings. The CRI=85 is a very good rating for a low-cost down-light.

Philips MASTER LEDlamps discover endless possibilities to save energy with high quality of light. Our LED lighting solutions are designed for a wide range of applications.

There is more information on the 13 Watt LEDbulb at the following link.

The next model up in this range of down-lights is the Philips 18 Watt DN052B. This is a very similar design to the DN051B with a Warm White 800 lumen output with a CRI of 85. Fits a 125mm cut-out.

⇒Philips 13 Watt LEDbulb Special Price

This dimmable Philips LED Light Bulb Replaces a 75 Watt Incandescent Light Bulb. The yellow phosphor converts the blue light to white, while largely passing the red light through. Philips Lindstrom said the technique was required to achieve the greater than 90 CRI required for the L Prize.

Electrician Home Automation LED Lighting

This 13 Watt LEDbulb from Philips is an effective replacement for the old 75 Watt incandescent Light-bulb. It has a warm white output of 1055 Lumens. This output is slightly whiter than the old incandescent light-bulb and appears to provide a greater light output. Ideal for general lighting that does not require dimming. It can be used in down-lights if the down-light is 75mm or greater diameter. It is not suitable for use in totally enclosed light fittings, as there must be sufficient air movement around the LEDbulb to maintain the correct ambient temperature for the electronics within the LEDbulb.

DN051B and DN052B fittings have an internal driver and must be earthed.

The Philips 12 Watt DN051B has a Warm White 480 lumen output with a CRI (Colour Rendering Index) of 85. The recessed face of this down-light reduces any glare from the fitting therefore provides a comfortable replacement for incandescent down-lights. However, the DN051B is not dimmable. At 480 Lumens this down-light probably does not require dimming. Fits a 105mm cut-out.

The Philips DN052B must have a SCB=100 and HCB=100. That is 100mm clearance required from the side of the down-light to timber in the roof space and 100mm clearance from the top of the down-light to timber.

The Philips DN051B and DN052B are both IP20 rated. This rating prevents air flow through the down-light. Therefor the warm air from the room will not be lost into the roof space. The fittings are also compliant with the CA-35 Standard. This means that insulation can be abutted to the sides of the down-light but not placed over the top of the down-light. The Philips DN051B must have a SCB=100 and HCB=60. That is 100mm clearance required from the side of the down-light to timber in the roof space and 60mm clearance from the top of the down-light to timber.

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