Osram (Sylvania) Hyper H7 (65W) Toshiba HIR?

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[FONT=arial, helvetica]Wagner TruView purple neodymium-glass replacement for OEM 9006. DOT certified and ECE approved; extra-white light.[/FONT][FONT=arial, helvetica]

PHILIPS Crystal Vision ULTRA Extreme (brighter & whiter than Sylvania Cool Blue, Narva Range Power Blue & Philips Blue Vision ULTRA) comparable to Sylvania Silverstar ULTRA (US blue coated version)

improve this safety by fitting better lighting as a proactive safety contribution.

Philips CrystalVision was already the upgrade bulb that came closest to the bright blue/white look of HID. Now, improved technology makes CrystalVision Ultra even whiter and brighter, and even closer to the look of HID. CrystalVision Ultra delivers the whitest light available from a halogen bulb. Plus, CrystalVision Ultra gives you significantly increased light output for much better visibility of road signs and hazards.

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Can I exchange my existing bulbs against a pair of Philips CrystalVision?

Halogen bulbs with UV Block Quartz glass that eliminates harmful UV rays thereby protecting plastic headlamps and will not yellow them (aftermarket brands such as PIAA do not have this feature!)

HB3/HB4 Xenon Extreme White bulbs. The addition of Xenon gas into the standard halogen bulb has created brighter and whiter light emissions. These bulbs have a blue colour to the glass and project a brilliant daylight white light. They are rated at 4500K which optimises the crisp white light and excellent road vision for a superb upgrade xenon bulb.

Philips is the parent company of Narva. Narva manufactures (on the same

• DOT & ECE compliant street legal worldwide

Osram HB3 12V 60W 9005CB Cool Blue [189673]

Thats pretty easy on the pocket. Prolly wait untill someone else dives into it first though. Nice find.

Wagner LazerBlue Xenon (Super White+Brighter) headlamp bulbs feature blue coating on capsules and sealed-beam burners to

* (9006) HB4 xenon headlight bulbs rated at 12V/51W

This is the best +50 bulb here Key to its success was its super-bright output – the most powerful tested. In the light tunnel, the

* All Ring Ultra Xenon bulbs are UK road legal

I just purchased a full set of 9005, 9006 and 9145 Ultra White with Lifetime warranty bulbs from a seller on eBay. Search forBestBlueHeadlights. Ill post before and after pix once they arrive.

A car driver would prefer to have daylight 24 hours a day. Daylight gives the best visibility. That is why Philips developed BlueVision lamps. BlueVision lamps are carlamps with a blue coating. This blue coating creates a daylight type of light (closer to Xenon).

I found this video comparing them to no name bulbs.

The 9145/foglamp bulbs are rated at 1500 hour life.

I just purchased a full set of 9005, 9006 and 9145 Ultra White with Lifetime warranty bulbs from a seller on eBay. Search forBestBlueHeadlights. Ill post before and after pix once they arrive.

Electric Nighthawk/MegaLight +60% in recent .uk testing.

PHILIPS offers more sizes including all European & North American (USA, Canada etc) sizes: H1, H3, H7, 9003/H4, 9004/HB1, 9005/HB3, 9006/HB4, 9007/HB5, 9008/H13

* A unique blue filter creates the distinctive blue light

* Crisp and bright Xenon light which Improves the appearance of your car at night

Rover, Volvo, Volkswagen etc. and will outperform & outlast other generic private brands like (PIAA, etc).

* Precision designed filament to give a brighter xenon light

Conforms to regulation ECE R37 & US DOT approved for use worldwide on roads in Europe, USA, Canada etc. It is suitable for all cars fitted with Halogen bulbs and aimed at giving extra performance and safety in bad weather conditions. PHILIPS is a tier 1

Im right behind you with that purchase

The whitest light at up to 4000 Kelvin

* Up to 50% more light than standard HB4 Bulbs

* Direct replacement for your standard halogen HB4 Bulbs and can be fitted without modifications

What wattage did you bought? I installed Hella bulbs. 80w in the lows and 100w in the highs. The lows will flicker so I want back to stock. The Highs are ok.

Suitable for: All weather conditions with added visual comfort enhancing driving concentration during driving at night time.

[/FONT][FONT=arial, helvetica]Here are the latest new ultra high performance headlight bulbs for you from Philips. The Xtreme Power bulbs give an enormous improvement in beam focus and formation. They put up to 80% more bright white light in the beams hot spot so your light beams reach out further down the road wider, too, for easier seeing in turns and on curvy roads. Theyre made with the worlds most precisely wound and accurately placed filament coil in a compact, AR-treated optical quartz envelope. Xenon, krypton, and other noble gases are included in the newly-reformulated fill gas. A discreet blue ring at the head of the bulb envelope gives you new-car style without sacrificing beam performance (as less advanced blue-glass bulbs make you do). And the anti-glare end cap is attractive platinum chrome rather than the ordinary dull black. Fully DOT-certified and ECE-approved for use in any lamp in any kind of vehicle that takes 9006 (HB4) bulbs, anywhere in the world. For the best possible street-legal performance from your headlamps, get these Philips Xtreme Power bulbs they are the finest in the world.

[FONT=arial, helvetica]The Narva® Rangepower+30® 9005 (HB3) 65w bulb gives you a long-lasting, cost-effective improvement in light output and focused beam performance. DOT- and ECE-approved, street-legal bulb. Download this bulbs data sheethere.

Of course! The bulbs are easily exchangeable and perfectly safe and legal to use on the road worldwide

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The brightest legal halogen bulb outperforms comparable Osram (Sylvania) Silverstar +50% (clear Euro version) & GE General

Osram (Sylvania) Hyper H7 (65W), Toshiba HIR?

Tungsram appears to be an either ROmanian or Hungarian arm of GE. The bulbs are supposed to be comparible to the GE Nighthawk. I cant find them anywhere but on forreigh language websites.

HB3/HB4 Extreme White 65W pair 10.99

* (9006) Xenon HB4 Bulbs rated at 12V/51W

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* Ring Ultra Xenon HB4 Bulbs – up to 50% Brighter than standard HB4 halogen bulbs

What is the difference between the Philips Crystal Vision and Blue Vision? Blue Vision provides only slightly more light than standard factory OE halogen while Crystal Vision provides up to a 50% improvement. Similar to Sylvania Silverstar Ultra.

• Even whiter color and brighter beam than original now even closer to the look of HID (High Intensity Discharge) Xenon lights

A couple of interesting article quotes:

TheRING ULTRA XENON HB4/HB3Bulbs produce a xenon light that is up to 50% brighter than conventional halogen HB4 Bulbs. Using the latest precision design technology the filament and xenon gas within these HB4/HB3 xenon bulbs produces a much brighter and whiter beam output from your car headlights. Ring Ultra Xenon bulbs allow objects to be seen more clearly at a distances of up to 75 metres, whilst also providing a better reflection from road markings and signs. The light output from these HB4 xenon bulbs makes driving at night easier and safer whilst also easing the strain that driving in the dark places upon the eyes.

* Better reflections from the roads and signs.

[FONT=arial, helvetica]H10/9145 -$11.93 ea

* ABS HB4 Xenon bulbs are supplied in a toughened polycarbonate case to ensure they reach you in perfect condition

• Extreme blue/white light Xenon gas boost

* Distinctive daylight from blue lamp

OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) and produces OE automotive lighting products used on & by the worlds finest automakers such as Acura, Audi, Bentley, BMW, Cadillac, Ferrari, Lexus, Lincoln Mercury, Mercedes Benz, Porsche, Range

* Direct replacement for existing halogen HB4 Bulbs

difference could be seen by the naked eye.

Phillips Xtreme Power 9006/HB4 2pack $38.33

* Upgraded Brighter POWERWHITE HB4 Xenon bulbs to improve visibility when driving at night and give a crisp look to your car headlights

Discussion inCustom Interior Modifications – Audio / Videostarted byeakMar 16, 2009.

deliver brighter, whiter light for better visibility. LazerBlue headlamps are directly interchangeable with original equipment lamps.

Wagner LazerBlue Xenon (Super White+Brighter)headlamp bulbs: 9005, 9006 sizes only $9.99

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An excellent product if youre looking for a whiter light but also with that blue styling to oncoming traffic.

We take comfort for ourselves and our loved ones having these features fitted. There is however no doubt you can further

* Quartz glass construction for ultimate performance

America under the following brands: Narva, Candlepower, Wagner, Norma. Sometimes you get em in Narva boxes, sometimes in Wagner, and occasionally in

* UV blocked-compatible with plastic headlight lenses components

Philips Blue Vision 9005 (HB3) L$21.79

HB3/HB4 12V 65W Xenon Xtreme White bulbs pair

The Osram Nightbreaker H7 is supposed to be the brightest Osram with the Phillips X-treme power being right behind it. Both are supposed to be just a shade below the Toshiba HIR (which is supposed to reuire enlarging the hole for the bulb due to its shape/size). I just havent been able to find the Nightbreaker in the 9005/HB3 or 9006/HB4 required by the Avenger.

Characteristic: A unique blue filter creates the distinctive white light.

They are street legal and DOT-compliant in the United States and Canada. The DOT-compliance certificate is included on each package. Made in Germany Wagner is an OE/OEM subsidiary of Federal Mogul (other brands include Champion spark plugs, Fram filters, Anco wipers etc)

The brilliant white daylight produced by our BlueVision lamps enhances roadsign and roadmarkings reflection. The task of driving at night suddenly becomes a pleasure as todays drivers are less tired and able to better anticipate all driving challenges.

Street legal worldwide: Europe ECE/R37 & U.S and Canada meets DOT (FMVSS108 & CMVSS108).

PHILIPS- CrystalVision ULTRA +50% & Super White- 4000K- (9005/HB3, 9006/HB4)- Pair $29.00

* Produces a whiter Xenon type of light for the best reflection from road markings and signs.

All our bulbs where necessary are fully E marked and road legal.

Ive found options that appear to be close and in some cases, better than HID at SIGNIFICANTLY lower cost.

Osram, the well-established German lampmaker, sells a line of automotive bulbs they call Silver Star. These are Osrams top-of-the-range headlamp bulbs, equivalent to Narva RangePower+50, GE Night Hawk, Philips VisionPlus, and Tungsram Megalight Premium. They produce the maximum legal amount of light while staying within legal power consumption limits. They have colorless clear glass.

* UV protected glass to block UV rays which can damage or discolour plastic lenses

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CrystalVision Ultra: For crystal clear vision at night

* E1 marked and TUV approved thereby passing the most stringent European Regulations for car headlight bulbs and completely legal for UK roads

* Lasts up to 3 times longer than other blue bulbs in the market.


PHILIPS VisionPlus (Clear) +50% Pair (9005/HB3, 9006/HB4)$25.00

Sir Brando said:Thats pretty easy on the pocket. Prolly wait untill someone else dives into it first though. Nice find.Click to expand…I dug for about 2 hours to find all those. I was REALLY looking for the Osram H7 in an HB3/4 form factor. They are supposed to be wicked bright.

ABS POWERWHITE (9006) HB4/(9005) HB3Xenon bulbs offer a brighter xenon light for your car headlights with improved performance to help you clearly see the road ahead. These HB4 xenon bulbs are a direct replacement for the standard fit HB4 /HB3 Bulbs, however the use of XENON gas within these HB4 bulbs ensures a light brighter than standard halogen HB4/HB3 Bulbs and are designed to give a similar light output to HID Xenon Headlight bulbs.

Osram bought the well-established American lampmaker Sylvania in the early 1990s, so Osram is now Sylvanias parent company. Sylvania also sells a line of automotive bulbs they call Silver Star, but its not the same product. The Sylvania Silver Stars have blue glass. Light output is of legal levels, but as with all blue-filtered bulbs, you do not get more light from them. The Sylvania SilverStar bulbs have a very short lifetime, because the filament is overdriven to get a legal amount of light despite the blue glass.

Crystal Vision Extreme / Ultra – Frequently Asked Questions

* The light output from these HB4 xenon bulbs is UV protected making them suitable for cars with plastic headlight lenses

I just purchased a full set of 9005, 9006 and 9145 Ultra White with Lifetime warranty bulbs from a seller on eBay. Search forBestBlueHeadlights. Ill post before and after pix once they arrive.

In Brunswick, ME until I get stationed somewhere e

• Distinctive blue-capped bulb (some sizes)

AT 1695 lumens and 800 hour bulb life, these may be the brightest halogen bulbs available in the 9005(highbeam) format. The 9006/lowbeam are only 1000W but have 1000 hour life. What is really weird is that the 900XSLL/BP has a 2000 hour life!

line, to the same specs) 9004 and 9007 bulbs that are sold in North

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