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Additional space created in the front of the car allowed engineers to deploy a larger radiator than whats used on other Focus models for enhanced cooling.

AM Generalcontinues to grow our backlog of new production HMMWVs while developing comprehensive modernization and maintenance programs for domestic and international customers, says Chris Vanslager, executive vice president, Defense Programs. The HMMWV continues to be the vehicle of choice around the globe for more than 60 partner nations, evolving over the years with significantly increased mobility, protection, reliability and durability in order to meet changing military missions and threats all at an affordable price.

Dodge to launch police pursuit Durango SUV

Mazaks Brian Papke inducted into hall of fame

AM General was also recently awarded $428.3 million for new M997A3 HMMWV Ambulance Chassis Vehicles to support domestic disaster relief efforts by the Army National Guard, Army Reserve, and Army. These contract awards demonstrate the ongoing critical operational need for the HMMWV and thatAM Generalremains the unmatched leader in modernizing and maintaining the light tactical fleet for the United States and around the world.

In 2012, KMA celebrated its 25th anniversary and in the following year opened a new L-Series manufacturing facility at Kubota Industrial Equipment in Jefferson, Georgia. In 2014, KMA exceeded the production of 100,000 units annually for the first time in the companys history, nearly double the units produced in 2009.

Backing up this increased output is a large intercooler to maximize charge density. Air itself is delivered through a low-restriction intake manifold on the front end with a high-performance exhaust. The system includes an electronically controlled valve that optimizes back pressure and exhaust volume level.

This historic milestone is further proof thatKubotas presence in Georgiais one of our states greatest business success stories, says Georgia Governor Nathan Deal. Kubotas continued investment in Georgia is a vote of confidence for our pro-business climate and skilled workforce, and I look forward to their continued impact on our state and U.S. manufacturing.

The new site, at, offers quick and easy access to essential information on Vari-Forms advanced hydroforming technologies and applications, in a user-friendly interface. The new Vari-Form site offers an enhanced user experience with improved navigation to the latest technical papers, technology developments and applications that can help reduce vehicle weight, improve fuel economy, and enhance structural integrity for driver and passenger safety.

For more than a quarter century, Kubota has been experiencing tremendous growth in the U.S., creating many new jobs as we expand our product offerings, says Hironobu Kubota, president of KMA. When we first began production here, we had less than 100 employees and today weve grown to more than 2,300 manufacturing-related jobs in the state. We are very proud of this growth because it demonstrates our commitment to be more responsive to our U.S. customers needs.

Hondas Arturo Valdes helps launch 10-speed transmission manufacturing (VIDEO)

Production ofFocus RS with 2.3L EcoBoostbegins later this year.

Source: Osram Sylvania Automotive Lighting

An enhanced department on HIBS showcases hydroform-intensive body structures, a recently completed in-depth engineering study that shows how hydroforming achieves 11% piece cost reduction, 14% tooling cost reduction, and 7% weight reduction compared to stamping/welding processes. These cost and weight reductions are encouraging automakers from around the globe to adopt tubular hydroforming for a variety of structural applications.

Beyond faster access to information and resources, the challenge was to optimize the website architecture and design to present a large repository of Vari-Form technology in a smart and practical way. The new site creates a user experience that is intuitive and precise, making the presentation of information logical, interesting, and aesthetically pleasing to visitors.

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Coupled with sister facilities in Europe and Asia, this new North American investment advances Osrams leading role in automotive electronics through a global quality-controlled (TS16949) automotive electronics manufacturing footprint. According to recent market reports, LED lighting adoption in the automotive category will rise sharply by the end of the decade.

New Hampshire facility adding LED lines for headlights.

Updated online service shows automotive design potential for hydroforming.

Stout, high-tensile cast-iron cylinder liners are used to enhance the robustness of the engine, while a high-performance head gasket brings improved thermal capability.

Company to supply military vehicles to Middle East, Africa, US.

We will continue to make improvements to our website into the future, to ensure quality communication with our customers, adds Terry Nardone. Our digital communication tools are key to making that happen.

Kubota has been doing business in the state of Georgia for more than 40 years, with its first operations located in Norcross. In the mid-1980s, Kubota purchased its first office building in the state at the current Kubota Tractor Corp. Southeast Division headquarters in Suwanee. Since that time, Kubota has further expanded its operations in Georgia to include KMA in Gainesville; its National Distribution Center (NDC) in Jefferson; and Kubota Industrial Equipment (KIE), also in Jefferson, which produces Kubotas L-Series tractors and implements, including loaders and backhoes.

Gainesville, Georgia Kubota Manufacturing of America Corp. (KMA)has produced its 1 millionth unit at its facility in Gainesville, Georgia. The company began production of wheeled products in 1994. This milestone event comes on the heels of the companys recent groundbreaking of a new RTV manufacturing facility in Gainesville at Gateway Industrial Centre.

Osram invested in industry leading electronics production equipment in all three global regions to serve our automotive customer base with world class production, says David Hulick, global OEM SSL marketing director. Innovative designs and state of the art SMT lines, such as the new one installed in New Hampshire with tight tolerance LED placement capabilities, make it possible for Osram to deliver the precision, quality and supply that our global customers demand. With the implementation of this new production capability in the NAFTA region, we can better service our local customer base by providing the best local LED lighting production.

Our intent was to make our site a more robust engineering tool; to more efficiently deliver information and education on the body structure technologies we pioneered. We know our customers time is valuable, so we kept them in mind as we worked on the site, says Terry Nardone, head of sales and business development. The new site is designed to be a useful, easy-to-navigate resource of in-depth product information, customer support materials and the latest news from Vari-Form.

Ford Performance plans to bring more than 12 high-performance vehicles to market worldwide through 2020.

152hp per liter engine uses turbocharging, custom transmission settings.

Ford to resume some F-150 production Friday, more plants online Monday

The recently announced contracts noted above cover items to include new production vehicles, international ambulance vehicles, automotive kits, spare parts and training.

Utility vehicle part of plants recent expansion.

Osram Sylvania expands automotive lighting plant - Todays Motor Vehicles

The manual-only hatch will be especially forgiving in the event a driver stalls the engine, as Focus RS will debut with a trick feature called stall recovery. In other words, there will be no need for drivers to manually restart the engine or move the gear selector to neutral as the technology simply pushes the clutch back in.

The monster output the Focus RS engine achieves is due to its all-new low-inertia twin-scroll turbocharger with a larger compressor wheel that delivers more airflow and power throughout the rev range. Peak turbocharger boost is 23.2psi.

Hillsboro, New Hampshire Osram Sylvaniahas expanded the Hillsboro manufacturing capabilities by adding the first advanced surface mount technology (SMT) production line for manufacturing LED modules in the plant.

South Bend, Indiana AM Generalhas been awarded new HMMWV contracts and modifications to existing domestic and international contracts for vehicles and parts for Iraq, Afghanistan, Tunisia, Israel, Turkey, Kenya, Lebanon, and the United States totaling $42.2 million.

An interactive department on Solutions/Products offers automotive professionals the opportunity to explore alternatives by clicking on bodies-in-white for passenger vehicles and trucks.

Three Ford truck plants shut down by supplier fire

The advent of pressure sequence hydroforming (PSH), pioneered by Vari-Form, is presented in a Manufacturing department. Here, the visitor has the option to launch highly-detailed engineering animations for a comparison of PSH and high-pressure hydroforming.

KMAs one millionth commemorative unit, anRTV-X1120D, will be auctioned off at Kubotas National Dealer Meeting taking place in Atlanta, withproceeds benefitting the Farmer Veteran Coalition.

This new line has brought a lot of pride to our employees, says Dariusz Laskowski, product line manager, who oversees the new SMT line. Everyone in the Hillsboro plant, whether they make the premium halogen headlights you see in retail stores or the LED headlamp in the new Ford F-150, is committed to quality because they know how important clear visibility is on the road. That mentality now extends at a local level to being able to produce the LED modules driving the advanced lighting technology in thousands of vehicles on the roads throughout the country, including the 2016 Ford Explorer.

Highlights of arecent automotive lighting showcasewere the first LED forward lighting headlamp in a pick-up truck demonstrated on the 2016 Ford F-150, the LED headlamp with the new Hillsboro Osram LED modules in the 2016 Ford Explorer, and adaptive matrix LED headlights in an Audi A7.

We knew we wanted to put start-stop technology on the RS, explains Tyrone Johnson, engineering and vehicle manager, Ford Performance Europe. So we said, What if we went one step further, and controlled for engine stall at launch using the same technology? Well, thats exactly what we did and its just as fast as our start-stop technology.

Despite the engines output of 152hp per liter, RSengineers tuned this EcoBoostto deliver right off idle all the way on up to a free-spinning 6,800rpm, with an especially chunky midrange power delivery.

Dearborn, Michigan Fords2.3L EcoBoost enginein the new Focus RS will produce 350hp far exceedingoriginal estimates of 315hp along with 350 lb-ft torque.

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Osram as theautomotive lighting leaderis pushing the transition to LED systems by investing in R&D and production capacities, infrastructure, and talent to support the technology migration. Millions of dollars were invested in the plant for the new ISO class 8 Gray Room. LED modules produced from the new line are already on the road in the 2016 Ford Explorer LED headlamp, with other programs in development for the future.

An overview of Vari-Forms rapid globalization successes is presented in an interactive Global Locations department. At a glance, global industry professionals can see where manufacturing and engineering support are available in their region. In a little over two years, Vari-Form has grown from four locations in North America to eleven facilities around the world.

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There are approximately 230,000 HMMWVs currently in vehicle fleets around the world. Of those 230,000, approximately 160,000 HMMWVs are currently in service as part of U.S. Army, Marine Corps, Reserves, and National Guard fleets with the remaining 70,000 vehicles belonging to international fleets.

Manufacturing GroupCars/Light trucksManufacturing

Manufacturing GroupCommercial vehiclesManufacturing

Troy, Michigan Vari-Form, the industry leader in Pressure-Sequence Hydroforming, has launched a new web site that promises to be a valuable vehicle lightweighting tool for passenger car and truck engineers.

explain how the technology evolved in the developing years between 1989 and today. The migration to producing rear rails, space frames, roof rails and front end structures by tubular hydroforming rather than earlier, less cost-effective, means, is described in detail.

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