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These LED Scanner bars were just introduced in 2011 and have quickly become one of our most popular items. Not only can these LED scanners perform a multitude of functions but they are simple to install. Just a two wire + and – connection then you control everything else from the included wireless controller. LED scanners are available in four different sizes to fit just about any vehicle or application and we now offer 6 different colors, ColorSHIFT®, and now Dynamic ColorSHIFT®.

The ORACLE Camaro Concept Side Mirror takes the design from the 2009 Camaro Concept Car. The design is sleeker for a more aerodynamic look. The integrated LEDs inside the mirrors can used as both turn signals and parking lights. An aspherical mirror is added for a wider field of view, so no visibility is compromised. These are plug & play design and hook right up to the factory harness to allow for full control over the mirror adjusters. The mirrors can be custom painted by any factory GM color.

ORACLE HID Spot & Flood Off Road Lights

ORACLE LED Turn Signal & Tail Light Replacement Bulbs

Projector Retrofitting is beneficial because it provides optimal light output and quality to a vehicle that was not originally equipped with this option. These projectors install into your existing headlight housings using included threaded adapters. The Bi-Xenon shutter gives you upgraded high beam output as well. We offer a line of projector bezels to complete your retrofitting process.

ORACLE LED Off Road Light Bars and Auxiliary Lights

ORACLE Lighting

These kits allow for the utilization of the existing LED DRL feature on these vehicles and convert it to a Color-Changing DRL. The ColorSHIFT Light is controlled by one of our remote systems to produce any color the user wishes. Depending on the controller option selected; the lights can make hundreds of different colors, dozens of patterns, control the brightness, and even the speed of the functions as well!

LED Lighting is a great way to update the look of your Headlight, Fog and DRL lights. You can give your fog lights the look of expensive HIDs without the higher cost, longer installation, and additional heat of an HID system. These are also great for DRL and Headlights replacements due to the high-tech look of LED, which modernizes the vehicle instantly.

This Plug and Play LED kit from ORACLE Lighting features high powered 5050 SMD Flexible LED Strips in a variety of sizes. The LEDs are controlled by a wireless controller with a range of over 100ft. The controller can make the LEDs strobe, pulse, dim and breathe with the push of a button. All popular colors are available including ColorSHIFT® color-changing LEDs. Product comes in retail ready packaging, is waterproof and includes a 1-Year Warranty.

ORACLE Off Road LED Lights use CREE High Powered Chips to produce unmatched brightness and quality. All CREE LEDs are Made in the USA and are known as the best worldwide. These LEDs are impervious to shock and vibration and the rugged chassis are IP68 rated so you never need to worry about dust or moisture damaging your lights. We offer a wide range of LED Off Road lights for a variety of applications as well as OE design services.

ORACLE Pre-assembled Headlights, Fog Lights & Sealed Beam Replacements

We offer a wide range of high-quality Digital Ballasts for just about any Xenon lighting application. All of our ballasts use Samsung Digital Processors and , unlike many cheap HID kits, are designed to operate on AC current for a longer lifetime. ORACLE Digital HID Ballasts are built to last and come with a Lifetime Warranty. Our 35W CanBus digitally regulated ballast is one of the most dependable ballasts on the market today.

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These type of filament bulbs change the appearance of your vehicle. The 55W HOD Headlight Bulbs change it by giving the drivers car headlights a simulated HID light color output and a brighter light output when compared to the stock halogen headlight bulbs. The Chrome Bulbs are incandescent bulbs that have a mirror finish that help remove that egg yolk look inside the headlight.

ORACLE BiXenon Retrofit Projectors & Bezels

ORACLE LED Illuminated Badges & Crosshairs

ORACLE Wireless LED Controllers allow you to take your LED lighting to the next level with a variety of functions and features. We offer a wide range of different types of controllers to fit just about any project or application. These controllers also make installation easier by simplifying the wiring process and creating a common junction.

ORACLE Camaro SMD Concept Side Mirrors

ORACLE LED Emergency Strobe Lighting

ORACLE LED Flexible Interior & Exterior Strip Lights

are the single most head-turning modification you can install on your vehicle for such a small investment. Throw out what you think you know about Halo lights because you have not seen anything until you have seen a set of ORACLE Halos in person. ORACLE Halos use proprietary technology to blow away any competition in brightness, quality, and customer satisfaction.

Here you will find the ORACLE High Power LED Reverse Light Assemblies. These complete replacement light housings that plug into your existing wiring without any further modification or hassle. The lamps house high-powered CREE LEDs that produce a vibrant white light with 300-450% more lumen efficiency than the existing factory reverse lights.

The classic sealed beam headlights, with a modern streak! Our sealed beams are equipped with Oracle LED Halos. We also offer our our High-Powered LED Lights and they too are available with a variety of Oracle halo color options.

ORACLE G.O.B.O. LED Door Projectors

High Intensity Discharge (HID) lighting is excellent for Off-Road applications. HID lights have no filament and can sustain vibration and impact better than incandescent and halogen lights. HID is also very efficient and produces six times the amount of light per watt as its incandescent counterparts. Our HID Off-Road lights are available in Spotlight and Floodlight applications, two different styles, and three different sizes. Regardless of your Off-Road lighting needs, ORACLE has you covered!

ORACLE LED Vehicle Interior Replacement Bulbs

Designed to fit around the brake rotors of your vehicle, the ring illuminates the barrel of the rim with High Grade ORACLE LEDs. If you are looking for a head turning auto mod with just enough sophistication and flair, then these are perfect for you!

Enhance your vehicles appearance with ORACLE Pre-Assembled Headlights with ORACLE LED Halos. Choose from a wide selection of headlights and fog lights.

Hard to find accessories provided by ORACLE Lighting to fix common issues with LED bulbs such as flickering, rapid flash, and CANBUS errors. You will also find replacement sockets, adapters, and flasher relays.

is an acronym for GO Between Optics. It is an image that can be projected when an light source is introduced. In this case the light source is a high powered LED so the image is crisp, the housing is small, and it puts out very little heat.

ORACLE LED Floodlight and Spotlight Pods use powerful 1W CREE LEDs to produce brilliant and bright light from a very small device. Unlike the competitors who use plastic housings these pods use a rugged All-Aluminum housing. The New ORACLE LED Pods are an excellent light source for illuminating any detail of your custom project. You can use these as Trunk Lights, Amp Lighting, Under Hood Accent Lighting, or even Underbody Lighting!

ORACLE Interior LED Replacement Bulbs are designed with quality and ease-of use in mind. We maintain the factory bulb specifications so that we can insure that the LED bulb installs as easy as the factory bulb that you remove. Our wallet-friendly 1-Chip LEDs are great for projects with a small budget while our 3-Chip LEDs blow away any competitor in terms of quality and brightness.

ORACLE Factory & Aftermarket Xenon Replacement Bulbs

These Quick-Fire response LED Bulbs are vivid and bright to keep you safe on the road. We offer a variety of bulb sizes and configurations for just about any turn signal application car, truck, or motorcycle. LED bulbs are so efficient that the vehicle may think that no bulb is there at all and because of this LED turn signal bulbs often require a load equalizer to prevent a rapid-flash warning.

These Stainless Steel LED switches install flush to the mounting surface for a clean appearance. On/Off or latching switches are used to turn on and off accessories and the momentary switches are used for temporary contact such as horns, airbags, or windows. These are available in 6 different color illuminations to match just about any project theme.

High Powered LED Replacement Lights and Sealed Beams

Headlight Replacement DRL Circuit Boards

ORACLE LED Illuminated Factory Replacement Badges. These genuine factory badges are modified to stand out from the crowd. We take the original emblems from the vehicle manufacturer and modify them to accept an acrylic plate fitted with ORACLE LEDs for a smooth visual pop. Can be used as a running light or third brake light. Currently available for Chevrolet and Chrysler vehicles, more makes soon to be available.

ORACLE LED Headlight, Fog & DRL Bulbs

Concept SMD Sidemarker lights are complete sidemarker replacements fitted with high powered 3528 Bridgelux LEDs that produce a laser-like appearance. Currently these sidemarkers are available for the 5th Generation Chevrolet Camaro, C6 and C7 Corvettes, 2010-2014 Ford Mustang, and the 2008-2014 Dodge Challenger but more vehicles will become available in the near future. These are available with Clear or Tinted lenses and painted to match any of the factory paint codes.

ORACLE Flexible LED Strips are a great way to accent any project with brilliant LED illumination. Our LED strips come with a self-adhesive 3M backing installed for ease of installation and these amazing strips are extremely efficient and draw very little power. These strips can be placed just about anywhere that the laws of physics allow.

ORACLE G.O.B.O. Door LED Projectors

Xenon Replacement Bulbs for vehicles with a built with a factory HID system. Whether you are replacing a bulb that is no longer working or just want to change the look of your lights, these bulbs are the answer. Dealerships can charge over $300 for a single replacement HID bulb. When changing a factory HID bulb it is advisable to change both bulbs a the same time because years of use can cause the bulb to change color and not match the new bulb.

We also offer Sealed Beams Rounds &4×6 Replacement Headlamps.

We are proud to serve First Responders and Law Enforcement Officers and these strobe lights will not disappoint! Using the latest in solid-state LED technology these Super-Bright LED strobe lights blow away the competition. The built in controller module allows you to select 19 different patterns without the need of an external LED controller. Available in 8 different configurations and 5 different colors we have something for any application.

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