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Thoroughly tested for durability, shock resistance, and dependable operation in any kind of weather.

2009 Dodge ChallengerWas this review helpful for you?YesThis review was helpful for0user!4.3of 5LED BulbsLumen® NBH16CW- NB Series Replacement LED Bulb (H16, White)These look and work great without blinding oncoming traffic. I should have installed these years ago.DPosted byDavid(Erlanger, KY) /April 24, 2018

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2013 Ford F-150Was this review helpful for you?YesThis review was helpful for0user!3.3of 52013 Altima Fog Lamp ReplacementLumen® NBH11CW- NB Series Replacement LED Bulb (H11, White)Product looks great and well built. Installation is not for beginners. I was a little disappointed about the Lumen output. Not as bright as I thought. Overall still an improvement over OEM.BPosted byBill(Tampa, FL) /April 13, 2018

Armed with this knowledge we think its pretty obvious which kind of bulb youll want for your car or truck. Lumen Standard Series Replacement Bulbs provide LED performance and durability at an affordable price. Lumen Plazma Series Replacement LED Bulbs use Plasma LED technology to create the brightest light available, and Lumen NB Series Replacement LED Bulbs excel in all essential aspects performance, ease of fitment, and durability. Each series has LED bulbs in sizes for all popular interior light applications including festoon and bayonet styles, which provide vivid, bright light that will make everything in your cabin more visible. And whether theyre for tail lights, turn signals, side marker lights or any other exterior lights, Lumen has LED bulbs for the application, including single and double contact bulbs and H series bulbs, and all have the brightness to make your vehicle more visible to other drivers, and make your intentions known when youre braking and turning.

Fog Light LED Bulbs by Lumen®. Whether youre looking for better lighting performance on a budget, ease of fitment and maximum durability, or the brightest illumination available, Lumen has a replacement LED Bulb to meet your needs. But no matter which bulb you choose, Standard Series, Plazma Series, or NB Series, you can count on a significant upgrade from dim, unreliable, and failure prone incandescent bulbs. Available in sizes for all interior and exterior applications, and in a range of popular colors, all Lumen LED Bulbs deliver the qualities you want in a replacement light bulb – brilliant illumination, easy plug-and-play installation, durability and an exceptionally long lifespan.

2011 Jeep LibertyWas this review helpful for you?YesThis review was helpful for0user!5of 52001 Volvo S60Lumen® PL150CR- PlaZma Series Replacement LED Bulb (1.50, Red)Great, fits right in with easy installation. In my opinion you get more than what you pay for in quality.TPosted byTahriq(Colorado Springs, CO) /April 27, 2018

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All Lumen Replacement LED bulbs are designed to connect to the same socket or electrical connector and fit in the same light housing as your original incandescent bulbs, for plug and play installation. But practicality aside, these bulbs can also provide an appearance upgrade for your car or truck. Along with being brighter, the light produced by LEDs is cleaner and more attractive, plus theyre available in a range of popular colors. Use them to create a unique and pleasant atmosphere in the cabin and make your vehicle stand out anywhere.

Legally, a vehicle manufacturer cannot void the warranty on a vehicle due to an aftermarket part unless they can prove that the aftermarket part caused or contributed to the failure in the vehicle (per the Magnuson Moss Warranty Act (15 U.S.C. 2302(C))

Built-in load resistors prevent error messages on modern vehicles with CAN Bus systems.

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This warranty does not apply to any products that have been subjected to misuse, mishandling, misapplication, neglect, improper installation, or alterations.

LED bulbs typically last 50,000 hours or more compared to only 2000 hours for conventional incandescent bulbs.

2013 Nissan AltimaWas this review helpful for you?YesThis review was helpful for0user!4.5of 52017 GMC Yukon Denali XLLumen® PLH16CW- PlaZma Series Replacement LED Bulb (H16, White)Great product. Its bright and it seems to last.JPosted byJorge(Belle Glade, FL) /April 6, 2018

Lumen®began as a supplier of lighting equipment for commercial applications and attributes its success to focusing on the latest technology, understanding customer needs, and thinking creatively. Lumen has always sought to be on the cutting edge of lighting technology and offer products that make the impossible become possible. Today Lumen is a premiere producer of LED replacement bulbs that upgrade the performance of every light in your vehicle from small warning light indicators to daytime running lights. Unlike many inferior LED bulbs that interfere with communications between lighting control modules and main engine control computers in modern vehicles, Lumen LED bulbs are fully compatible with all CAN Bus data systems. CARiD is proud to offer you the Lumen family of LEDs, and we do so with the assurance that comes only after our own employees have tested them extensively in their own vehicles. When you want impressive lighting in colorful choices for your car or truck that uses less energy, Lumen is the only name you need to know.

2016 Honda PilotWas this review helpful for you?YesThis review was helpful for0user!4.5of 5Bright White LightLumen® NBH10CW- NB Series Replacement LED Bulb (H10 / 9145, White)Once the bulbs got here they were installed very quickly and easily. Fog lights were accessed through the tire well on my 2013 F150 without removing anything. Look great.DPosted byDoug(Sachse, TX) /April 17, 2018

2000 Audi S4Was this review helpful for you?YesThis review was helpful for0user!4.8of 5LED Fog Light ReplacementLumen® NBH11CW- NB Series Replacement LED Bulb (H11, White)Bulbs are high quality, great white color but are half as bright as stock halogen. They dont seem to project at all.DPosted byDon(Nashua, NH) /March 30, 2018

Incandescent bulbs waste much of the energy they consume creating unwanted heat. In contrast LEDs create light using much less energy and operate at significantly cooler temperatures.

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LEDs light up 0.2 seconds faster than incandescent bulbs. This is advantageous for brake lights because it can give the driver behind you additional stopping distance – almost 20 ft. when driving at 60 mph.

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2015 GMC Yukon DenaliWas this review helpful for you?YesThis review was helpful for0user!5of 5Great Customer ServiceLumen® PLH7CW- PlaZma Series Replacement LED Bulb (H7, White)Bought a pair of LED dog lights, their better version. One of them malfunctioned within a month or two. Reached out to CARiD to see if they can help me since the warranty stated it covers it. Customer service asked me for some evidence of the broken light, and they sent me a new one right away. P.S: Do not throw away the old broken bulb, CARiD requires they see you smash it with a hammer before they can get you a replacement one. Nonetheless, they took care of me, and I highly appreciate it. Thank you! I will definitely be shopping with them more often and I urge everyone else to give these guys a try.SPosted bySuraj(Chaska, MN) /March 30, 2018

2012 Chevy SilveradoWas this review helpful for you?YesThis review was helpful for0user!4.8of 5Fog Light for Honda PilotLumen® NBH8CW- NB Series Replacement LED Bulb (H8, White)Fit perfit, easy to install in my 2017 Pilot. Matched the color of the factory headlights (bright white).JPosted byJames(Bonaire, GA) /April 24, 2018

Lumen warrants that its Products will be free from defects in material and workmanship for 1 year from the date of purchase by the Original Purchaser. This warranty does not apply to any Products that have been subjected to misuse, mishandling, misapplication, neglect (including but not limited to improper maintenance), improper installation, or alterations.

These bulbs will fit into the same socket and/or connect to the same wiring connector as your original bulbs. No modifications to your vehicle are necessary for installation.

While more and more vehicles are being fitted at the factory with brighter, highly efficient LED bulbs, many new vehicles and most of the cars and trucks plying the roads today are still equipped with incandescent bulbs. Inside an incandescent bulb an electrical current is applied to heat a filament until it glows. These bulbs are highly inefficient because much of the energy applied is wasted in heat production, and this heat can also crack, distort, and discolor lamp lenses over time. Even when brand new incandescent bulbs are not as bright as LEDs and they get progressively dimmer with age as deposits from the filament collect on the inner surface of the bulb, reducing light output. Because the filament is used up as the bulb operates, the average incandescent bulb has an expected lifespan of only about 2000 hours, but because the filament is fragile it can fail suddenly if exposed to excessive vibration.

In contrast an LED (Light Emitting Diode) bulb is a solid state device, a semiconductor that emits light when current is applied. LEDs are far more efficient, developing much more light per watts supplied and run much cooler. They typically last 50,000 hours or more and display no significant decrease in illumination over their lifespan. Youll most likely never have to replace them, or be unexpectedly pulled over by law enforcement for a burned out tail light. And because they have no delicate filaments, theyre insensitive to vibration, making them impervious to shocks during off-road excursions and trips over pothole-strewn city streets. LEDs can easily be made to emit different colors and they also have another advantage that makes them particularly appropriate for brake lights – they light up 0.2 seconds faster than incandescent bulbs. That may not sound like much, but when you consider that at 60 mph a car travels 88 ft. in one second, that time can give the driver behind almost 20 ft. of additional stopping distance – extra road that can be the difference between braking in time and an unfortunate collision.

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2001 Volvo S60Was this review helpful for you?YesThis review was helpful for0user!4.3of 5LED Fog LightsLumen® NBH10CW- NB Series Replacement LED Bulb (H10 / 9145, White)The fog lights are easy to install and look great! Price is a little high for the performance though since they dont seem to light up the road any better than the original bulls!KPosted byKendall(Belton, TX) /April 24, 2018

LEDs are far more luminous than incandescent bulbs. They provide light that is not only considerably brighter, for improved visibility and vehicle conspicuity, but also much more attractive.

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