Lighting Installation Repair

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How to Wire a Halogen Ceiling Light

How to Update Recessed Light Fixtures

You dont have to let go of a halogen lamp if the transformer stops working. Replacing it is simple!

A halogen ceiling light can be a lovely edition to your home lighting and most often a new home will

Add chic, minimalistic lighting to your home with this recessed-lighting installation guide.

Shed some light on your bulb issues and find out if your light flicker is serious.

If you are seeking good lighting and an uncluttered look for a room in your house, installing a recessed

What to Do when Drywall Spackle Cracks when It Dries

You cant just put a lamp on a table and call it good. Read up on these lighting faux pas you could be making right now.

Occasionally you will need to replace ballast for a fluorescent light. When a fluorescent light does

You dont have to be a journeyman electrician to install a flush mount ceiling fixture. While working

Install a Flush Mount Ceiling Fixture

Install Hard-Wired Under Cabinet Lights

How to Replace Recessed Lighting Covers

High pressure sodium ballast is responsible for regulating the pressure in light fixtures that use high

Sometimes the problem is a simple one. Follow these steps to replace a socket in a fluorescent light fixture.

Brighten up those dark corners by installing recessed lighting!

How to Replace a Recessed Lighting Eyeball

Installing lighting on a suspended ceiling can be an intimidating process, but there are many options,

A pull chain light fixture is easy to install and it is a great option for rooms that dont require a

Decorative recessed lighting covers can put a new face on worn or unattractive canister lights, and other

Light Installation: From Single to Double Mount

Replace or install electric light switches of all kinds.

Cracks on drywall spackle can seem like a challenge but no matter how bad they look, you can still repair

How to Replace a T12 Ballast with a T8

Reasons to Install Shallow Recessed Lighting

It couldnt be easier to update your recessed lights.

Replacing a Ballast for a Fluorescent Light

Make sure your electrical ballast is working properly with a simple test.

Track lights are a convenient and versatile way to provide task or accent lighting – lighting directed

How to Install a Sconce Light Fixture

What are Different Types of Ballasts?

How to Replace a Halogen Light Transformer

How to Troubleshoot Electronic Ballasts

Can You Replace a Magnetic Ballast with an Electronic Ballast?

Safely Install Different Light Switches

If youre having problems with your fluorescent lights, checking the ballasts within is an easy job.

If your socket isnt working properly and seems unfixable, dont worry. A replacement isnt very hard to install.

Pendant lights are a beautiful way to add some effective lighting to your work space.

Hardwired under-cabinet lighting offers improved kitchen lighting for little time and effort when using this handy guide.

How to Wire a Light with Two Switches

Recessed lighting eyeballs can be a beautiful decorative accent in your ceiling. Choosing the right recessed

Recessed lights are a combination of practical function and whimsical fashion, and both will come out

Installing LED recessed lightsis a very simple process. In general, LED lights are more expensive than

Install Lighting in a Suspended Ceiling

A swag chandelier provides beauty and elegance to any home without having to saw holes in the ceiling

Consider trying out these simple repairs for an HID ballast before you scrap the system for a new one.

Wiring ceiling lights can be relatively easy if you take the necessary safety precautions and follow

Nothing is more frustrating than finding your LED light strip isnt working properly and having to go looking for the possible reason why. But, more than likely the wires or the converter is the culprit, so take a look at this guide before you decide to throw the strip in the trash and start over.

Electronic Ballasts vs. Magnetic Ballasts

It is relatively easy to determine when a fluorescent light ballast needs to be replaced.

T12 ballasts are dated and are being phased out for better models. Learn how you can replace yours without buying a whole new fixture.

Install a dimly lit sconce to increase ambiance and make a room appear larger with these steps.

We take you step by step for an update on an old light fixture.

Recessed lighting can add a lot to a space, but when installing it yourself, many mistakes can be made.

Read this article for advice that will save not only time, but also money and effort for your light fixture installation project.

How To Install A Pull-Chain Light Fixture

Unlike incandescent bulbs, fluorescent and high-intensity lights use lamp ballasts to illuminate the

An electronic ballast and a magnetic ballast are the two main types of ballasts used in certain light

Read this article for advice on vaulted ceiling lights.

How to Test a High Pressure Sodium Ballast

5 Mistakes to Avoid When Installing Recessed Lights in Your Basement

How to Make Your Own Recessed Can Light

Fluorescent Light Repair: How to Replace a Socket

Ballasts are used with high intensity discharge lamps which emit strong light, imitating sunlight and

Knowing how to wire a light that is controlled by two switches as opposed to one is a helpful skill.

Ballast wiring can be a bit tricky, but its not really that difficult to do, if you pay attention. Make

It is possible to replace a magnetic ballast with an electronic ballast and there are many reasons why

Shallow recessed lighting is a great option for homeowners who want to enjoy the versatility and aesthetic

Broken arms on crystal chandeliers can cause a lot of stress and anxiety because of the value of the

Lighting Installation Repair

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