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Lamp shades that are used with ceiling and wall fixtures, however, generally serve to reflect a bulbs light in a desired direction. This can be downward, as is the case with most ceiling fixtures, or to the sides or ceiling, as in the example of many Art Deco or Art Moderne light fixtures.

In addition to our range of lamp shades, you may also be interested in viewing our selection oflamp harps.

transforms what can be harsh electric lighting into a warm glow that often brings out the beauty of a lamps surroundings.

Lamp shades are the broad, canopy-shaped coverings that are used to either reflect or soften and diffuse the light that is coming from a lamp or fixtures bulb. In the case of table and floor lamps, shades generally serve to make the light that is being emitted comfortable and suited for reading and general illumination, as direct light from a bulb is often too intense for the human eye. By forming a permeable barrier between a user and a lamps bulb, a

Replacement Lamp ShadesBecause of their many uses, we offer a wide selection of lamp shades. You can choose from cloth, crystal, and metallic or reflective lamp shades. We currently carry eggshell, ivory, and white cloth clip-on, stretched silk, and pleated silk shades as well as ice and regular crystal etched clip-on shades. For use as replacement lamp shades or with fixtures and antique lamps, we stock a variety of brass, aluminum, steel, brass through, and metal parabola lamp ntact MyLampPartswith any questions or browse ourcatalog of lamp parts here.SPECIALSQUESTIONS?HELPFUL ORDERING HINTS


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