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277V R7S LED bulbs w/cover Quartz Double Ended replacement 15W

: When you buy LED bulbs, You must match the base sizes. Most common household fixtures have pin or Edison, also known as screw-in, bases. Types of lamp bases of LED house lights include:

JC G4, 2.4W LED Bulbs, 12pcs 5050…

9 watt A21 LED light bulbs. E27 or B22 base, AC85~265V

AC 110V/120V LED House Lights-(308)

MR16 led light bulbs for home use,…

Warm White (Color Temperature 2700K to 3500k), Daylight white also said as Cool White (5000K to 6500K), Natural white (4000K to 4500K).

LED light bulbs, components led lights driver and LED products including car led bulbs, LED lights for home, led light strips, led accent lighting and more. All products are available for you.

G6.35 LED GY6.35 LED light bulbs(32)

1.2 Watt LED modules for backlight 3 pcs Samsung 5630 LED, 12V

How to choose led fluorescent replacements

12W LED = 20W CFL = 100W Incandescent lamp = 96W Halogen lamp

AC 220V/230V LED House Lights-(253)

very beautiful design,want to buy them.I am Ray from…

5 watt A17 LED light bulbs. E27 or B22 base, AC85~265V

Medium Type E26 or E27, The bulb base design for standard light bulbs, It is led lights for home use in most lamps and overhead light fixtures

LED Downlight ceiling lights-(86)

T10 E10 MINIATURE led instrument panel replacement bulbs

LDR PIR sensor RF switch dimmer-(11)

G9 Halogen porcelain lampholder,…

, The lumen output of the bulb is a measure of its brightness. The higher the figure, the brighter the LED light bulb. Some LED light bulb replacement give a false impression of brightness as they have a very narrow beam, resulting in a bright light but that is only very narrow in size. When you calculate the lumens of led lights for home use as replacement, You must consider the bulb is directional light bulbs or non-directional light bulbs (this is very important). For example, The compact fluorescent light tube is 360 degree beam light output, And the LED light tube is 120 degree beam light output. The lumens of 36 watt CFL is about 3200 lumens, If you use led light tube as replacement, computational formula is (3200/360)*120 (this is consider the beam angle of directional light)+(3200/2)*50% (this is consider the lumens of reflect light) =1866 lumens of led lighttube is enough.

How to choose LED replacement bulbs

1W LED = 3W CFL = 15W Incandescent lamp = 8W Halogen lamp

Candelabra Type E14, E17. A slightly larger bulb base, It is led lights for home use in chandeliers, light sconces and other small fixtures

Midget Flange LED Bulb, T1 3/4 led instrument panel bulbs

Intermediate A bulb base between the candelabra and medium sizes, commonly used in ceiling fans

Check the Lumens and the beam angle

, The replacement bulb calculation from incandescent bulb, compact fluorescent lamp and halogen bulb to LED bulbs is not easy. For directional lamp (this is very important), The chart was about below listed. But for non-directional lamp, The watts of LED bulbs must be increased about 50%.

Fluorescent base – Tyep G5, G13, G23, G24 (note that the length ofAmerican standrd is different from Europen standard), GX23, 2G11-4. Use for flourescent tube and compact fluorescent bulbs. The base of LED bulbs for cars is quite different from the base of led house lights, Please see in sub-catalogue of led light bulbs for cars and boats.

7 watt A19 LED light bulbs. E27 or B22 base, AC85~265V

Miniature Candelabra Type E11, E12. A small bulb base, frequently used in chandeliers

LED bulbs for cars and boats-(121)

Microscope and Objectives Lenses(20)

Something to know before you shop LED lights:

Midget Flange LED Bulb, T1 3/4 LED Instrument Panel lights

24V 36V 48V 60V LED house lights-(135)

AC 85V~265V LED light bulbs-(281)

3W LED = 8W CFL = 25W Incandescent lamp = 24W Halogen lamp

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3 watt A15 LED light bulbs. E27 or B22 base, AC85~265V

LED outdoor landscape floodlight(15)

R7S LED bulbs with cover Quartz Double Ended replacement 15W

LED online store, We accept OEM order. You can buy samples fromLED onlineto test our LED light bulbs. We also supply all kind of LED energy saving light bulbs and lighting with a wide stock of carefully selected energy saving LED light bulbs from leading manufacturers. Welcome home userbuy LED lights from here as replacement for tungsten filament lamps.

LED Fluorescent tube replacement-(188)

8W LED = 15W CFL = 75W Incandescent lamp = 64W Halogen lamp

MR16 led light bulb replacement, 3…

4W LED = 11W CFL = 40W Incandescent lamp = 32W Halogen lamp

of your existing bulb, Low voltage 12V, 24V led lights for home or 12V led bulbs for cars, Mains voltage 110V, 220V led lights for home, We have one sub-catalogue LED light bulbs for home use can work on all the mains voltage between AC 85V and 265V.

Bi-pin Type G4, Gx5.3, MR11, MR16, GU10. A standard base for small light bulbs

277V GU24 LED light bulbs, 10 Watt GU24 LED bulbs w/cover

DALI LED lights, Dimmable driver(22)

, Not all LED light bulbs are the same size as your existing halogen light bulbs. Some LED light bulb replacement are slightly larger than normal halogen bulbs, so check the dimensions of the bulb before you buy LED house lights as it might not fit in your light fitting.

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