LED Downlight

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**In compliance with current ENERGY STAR requirements, light output of the LED Dimnable Downlight at 800 lumens compares to the 75 Watt standard halogen BR40 at 750 lumens.

This dimmable LED downlight his bulb produces a soft, diffused level of white light similar to a halogen bulb. It emits virtually no UV/IR light in the beam, and will not fade fabrics or furnishings.

Can replace T8 or T12 linear fluorescent applications, and simple rewiring allows this lamp to run directly off mains voltage** and allows fixture to maintain original UL Compliance.

LED Downlight

This dimmable downlight saves 60 watts of energy when compared to a 75 watt halogen BR40***

Philips LED 15W 6 Downlight delivers a soft, diffused light and smooth dimming. The sleek design provides a seamless look and is ideal for recessed and flood lighting. This 15W saves 60W of energy when compared to a 75W halogen BR40*.See all benefits

By using this ENERGY STAR approved LED Downlight, you can reduce the hassle of frequently replacing your light bulbs. It will last 45,000 hours.

Unfortunately this product is no longer available

Just by flipping the switch, your room is at full brightness. No slow starting or waiting.

At $0.11 kWh, this 15 watt, 800 lumen LED Downlight uses $41.25 of electricity over its 45,000 hour life. This is a $165.00 savings when compared to the $206.25 required to run a 75 watt, 750 lumen standard BR40 halogen, over the same period. Actual savings will vary depending on cost per kWh.

Elegant LED light and recessed fixture in one

This lamp can be used with most dimmers to create your desired ambience with smooth dimming to 10% of full light levels.

*Rated average life based on enegineering testing and probability analysis

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