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The chandelier is suitable for use in the hall of a living room or a public place in the home. The chandelier has the most patterns, styles, and styles. The commonly used chandelier is a European-style candlestick chandelier, a Chinese chandelier, a crystal chandelier, a parchment chandelier, a stylish chandelier, and a cone-shaped chandelier. , pointed flat lanterns, waist mask lanterns, five-pointed ball chandelier, magnolia lanterns, olive chandelier and so on. There are two kinds of single-head chandelier and multi-head chandelier used in the house. The former is mostly used in the bedroom and the dining room; the latter should be installed in the living room. The installation height of the chandelier should be no less than 2.2 meters above the ground at the lowest point.

Lamp Type – Ceiling Lamp

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Ceiling lamp is commonly used in square cover ceiling lamp, ball ceiling lamp, tipped round ceiling lamp, semicircular ball ceiling lamp, semi-slim ball ceiling lamp, small rectangular cover ceiling lamp, etc. Ceiling light is suitable for lighting in the living room, bedroom, kitchen, bathroom, etc. Ceiling light can be directly mounted on the ceiling, easy to install, simple and generous style, giving space a clear and crisp feeling. Ceiling light with remote control and without remote control, with remote control ceiling light switch is convenient, suitable for use in the bedroom. Ceiling lamp shade material is generally plastic, plexiglass, glass shade is rare.

Lamp Type – Floor Lamp

Floor lamps are often used as local lighting. They do not emphasize comprehensiveness, but emphasize the convenience of movement. They are very practical for the creation of corner atmosphere. If the lighting mode of the floor lamp is directly projected downward, it is suitable for activities such as reading that require mental concentration. If the lighting is indirect, the overall light changes can be adjusted. Floor lamps are usually placed on the corners of the sofa. The floor lamps have soft lighting and they work well when watching TV at night. Floor lamp shades are rich in materials and consumers can choose according to their preferences. Many people prefer floor lamps with small countertops because they can place fixed telephones on small countertops.

Lamp Type – Wall Lamp

Wall lamp suitable for bedroom, bathroom lighting. Commonly used are double-headed magnolia wall lamp, double-headed olive wall lamp, double-headed drum-shaped wall lamp, double-headed lace cup wall lamp, jade column wall lamp, mirror front wall lamp and so on. The installation height of the wall lamp should be no less than 1.8 meters above the ground. Wrought iron forged wall lamps, copper wall lamps, sheepskin wall lamps, etc. are all high-end wall lamps, of which iron forged wall lamp sales the best. In addition, there is a digital calendar wall-mounted lamp with a lamp and a picture. This wall-mounted lamp has lighting, decorative effects, and can also be used as a calendar, which is very popular with consumers.

Lamp Type – Table Lamp

Table lamp is divided into ceramic lamp, wooden lamp, iron lamp, copper lamp, resin lamp, crystal lamp, etc., according to the functions of eye protection desk lamp, decorative table lamp, work table lamp, etc., according to the light source bulb, plug lamp, lamp bead lamp Wait. General living room, bedroom and other decorative table lamp, table, desk with energy-saving eye protection desk lamp, but energy-saving lamps can not be dimmed. The lamps of the lamp have a wide range of colors and styles, and are often used in elegant restaurants and homes, and play a significant role in the creation of indoor atmosphere.

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