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Automotive Lighting delivers its lighting technology to prestigious foreign auto-makers such as Daimler-Chrysler, BMW, Volkswagen, Audi, Ford, Porsche, Alfa Romeo, Honda and General Motors. In addition to headlamps for passenger cars, the company produces lights for freight vehicles, buses and motorcycles.

Automotive Lighting to carry out massive expansion in the Czech Republic

Automotive Lighting to carry out massive expansion in the Czech Republic

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Automotive Lighting to carry out massive expansion in the Czech Republic

Investment and Business Development Agency

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Automotive Lighting began production in the Czech Republic in 1997. At that time, the company operated as a subsidiary of the Robert Bosch company and employed 114 people who in that same year produced the first five thousand headlamps on two production lines. Upon completion of the most recent expansion, the factorys capacity will increase to up to six million headlamps per year.Work in the new production units should begin this year.

Thanks to Automotive Lightings investment, at least 630 new jobs will be created, of which roughly 30 should be filled by university-educated employees who will strengthen the existing development department,says Tomas Hruda, CEO of CzechInvest, adding:By expanding its factory and production-line capacity, Automotive Lighting will place itself among the regions largest employers.

Investment and Business Development Agency

Automotive Lighting, s.r.o. Jihlava is part of one of the largest global producers of automotive lighting technology. The holding company Automotive Lighting originated in 1999 as a joint-venture between Magneti Marelli and the lighting-technology division of Robert Bosch. Each company held a 50-percent share. In 2003, Magneti Marelli bought Robert Boschs share, thus becoming the sole owner of the holding company Automotive Lighting, and through Automotive Lighting Reutlingen GmbH, it also became the sole owner of Automotive Lighting, s.r.o. Jihlava. Automotive Lighting has operated under its own brand in the Czech Republic since 1 May 1999.

Jihlava-based Automotive Lighting, a part of the holding company of the same name and one of the worlds largest producers of automotive lighting technology, is planning a massive expansion of its factory. The company will invest more than EUR 89 million over five years.

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