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RGB on the Rocks with a hint of lime. Rock light pods are the virtually indestructible way to illuminate under your rig. With Profile Pixels doing the dirty work, youll have an unlimited spectrum of colors to choose from.

Bolt on unbeatable light output. Bolt on a modern look. Bolt on infinite reliability! LED Concepts stocks the best LED projector-based fog lights from partners like J.W. Speaker and Morimoto. Designed to directly replace and upgrade the factory fog lights on many late model cars & trucks.

LED Lighting is more popular, powerful, and reliable than ever in the automotive world. Update your bulbs with the best selection of LED-powered options for turn signals, brake lights, reverse, and interior applications!

Replace your vehicles basic white LED Daytime Running Lights with the best DRL boards in the business from Profile Performance. Their RGBW LEDs offer an infinite array of colors with combined DRL and Switchback functionality.

Weve got a solid selection of universal and vehicle-specific LED Headlights from our fine friends at Morimoto and J.W. Speaker. Driving a classic car, truck, or Jeep? Want some badass bolt-ons to improve your ability to see at night? Carry on!

Find your fitment! With our huge selection of LED Halo Headlight kits that are specifically sized for your vehicle, this is the best way to live the custom life without the guesswork involved.

Live the custom life inside and out! If you want to create some color or brighten up the cabin lights for better visibility and a modern look in the dark, our interior lighting options from Morimoto and Profile will get the job done with performance and style.

Provide the Power and send the signals. Whether youre running a projector retrofit or leading the pack with a LED light bar, you need a way to reliably deliver power to your new accessories and control them. Relay harnesses are the right way to get the job done.

LED Powered headlights are becoming the new industry standard today. While the performance isnt quite up to par with a comparable HID-based headlight upgrade, we cant argue the color, clarity, convenience, and instant-on nature that this upgrade can offer.

Stock sucks, and aftermarket projector halo headlights are all junk. If youre building something unique and performance is just as important as looking pretty: then building your headlights with our vehicle-specific projector retrofit kits is the best option.

With a headlight projector retrofit; you can harness all of the available power and project it onto the road ahead. Dont be that guy with the plug n play HID kit in your stock reflectors. Do yourself a favor. Do oncoming traffic a favor. Do a projector retrofit.

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A complete selection of all sizes and offered in a variety of popular Kelvin ratings; our shelves are stocked with HID bulbs from todays best brands including Morimoto, Profile, Osram, and Philips. No matter the mission whether upgrade or replace, our catalog has every need covered.

We all like the power and performance of LED Bulbsbut nobody likes the annoying side effects such as dashboard errors or hyper-flash. Problem solved! With our selection of LED flasher relays and load resistors, theres nothing more you need.

Switchback setups run white, blink amber with your turn signals, and then return back to white once the signal stops. If the whole RGB thing just isnt for you; then you can keep it classy but stylish with Switchback halos, strips, and other accessories.

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The difference is in the details. LED Concepts is the industry leader when it comes to custom, so naturally weve got the right selection of helpful build-materials, spare parts, and other awesome extras to help you get the job done right, the first time.

At LED Concepts, Plug n Play is always in style in the wiring department. Whether you need an adapter or an extension for an existing or new setup, youll find it all here.

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Interior LED

All the parts you could ever need to complete your build and control it properly. From insanely bright demon eyes to backlight your projectors to Bluetooth controllers to run as your RGB remote, find it here.

Its all about custom. Its all about style. Its all about unique. Our selection of shrouds will restore the factory-finished look of your headlights after a projector retrofit by covering up the projector and any installation hardware. Fresh!

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Rock some rock lights. Add some glow to your grille. Watch those wheels change color. LED Concepts offers a lot more than parts for headlights and if youre looking to add something extra to the outside of your ride, weve got the best accessories available from todays best brands.

Ballasts mean business! They up-convert the 12V output from your car to over 25,000V to ignite and continuously power a xenon bulb. With industry staples like Morimoto and the latest and greatest from Profile like the Powerhouse, theres no need to shop elsewhere.

If halos in your headlights just isnt enough, you can add custom halos in your LED light bars too. With exclusive ColorMorph technology thats capable of producing an infinite array of accent colors for your ride; this is the one way to make your light bar even brighter!

Replace your vehicles basic white LED Daytime Running Lights with the best DRL boards in the business from Profile Performance. Their RGBW LEDs offer an infinite array of colors with combined DRL and Switchback functionality.

Power in the palm of your hand! If youre customizing your car with a badass new color changing setup, dont forget about your ability to control it. Here at LED Concepts weve got the industrys latest Bluetooth and RF controllers from Morimoto and Profile Performance.

Power is nothing without control! Complete projector retrofit kits include all of the components to convert your headlights to a projector-based lighting system for unbeatable performance at night. More difficult? Yes. Worth it? Easily.

Easy and Effective! LED Concepts may not be recognized as a landmark when it comes to HID gear, but our selection of the industrys best from true leaders like Morimoto says otherwise. With the recent addition of the Profile Powerhouse kits, were making all our HID honchos happier than ever.

Nothing compares to the ooohs and ahhhs youll get from the other car guys (and gals) at the next show after pointing out your personalized projectors. When it comes to custom, our in-house lens etching service is the best way to out-do your buddies.

No matter the time of day, you can turn the sun back on with our line of Off-Road LED Light Bars. These things will make you forget you ever had high beams in your headlights with their insane mosquito-melting output.

Color Changing Footwell Lighting Kit

When one color just wont cut it! If you like to change up the look often, then color changing halos and strips are where its at. With awesome brands like Profile, Morimoto, and ColorMorph in stock, weve got you covered!

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