Industrial LED Lighting

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Photocontrol Mini LED Wall Pack – 28W – Natural White – 2,100 Lumens

Off-Road LED Work Lights & LED Driving Lights

LED lights contain no mercury, harmful gasses, or toxins.

Skylight LED Panels and Replacement Diffusers

Much like in mercury-vapor lamps, an electric arc is created through vaporized mercury. However, metal halides (such as sodium, indium, and thallium) are added to increase efficiency and improve the lightscolor-rendering index(CRI). An outer bulb envelope insulates the bulb and protects against ultraviolet radiation.

Left to right: differences in output and color rendition of mercury-vapor, metal-halide, high-pressure sodium, and LED high-bay lights for use in typical HID applications.

LED flood lights emit a wide beam of illumination for landscape lighting, tree uplighting, flagpole lighting, sign lighting, and architectural wall washing. The weatherproof fixtures are available in a variety of styles, wattages, and intensities.

LED lights require higher initial investment but are the best value due to energy savings and longer life spans.

They produce a substantial amount of ultraviolet (UV) radiation that can be damaging to skin, eyes, and fabric.

LED retrofit kits and corn light bulbs are energy-efficient alternatives for traditional HID bulbs in fixtures such as wall packs, parking lot lights, and high-bay lights. This gives you all the power and longevity of LEDs while allowing you to maintain your current housing and wiring.

They illuminate instantly unlike HID bulbs that can take several minutes to reach full brightness.

LED high-bay and low-bay lights are designed to replace 50W-1500W HID fixtures for warehouse lighting, factory lighting, retail lighting, and supermarket lighting. These powerful LED lights provide energy efficiency, outstanding light output, and a long lifespan for large industrial environments.

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Emergency Vehicle & Strobe LED Lights

Skylight LED Panels and Replacement Diffusers

Skylight LED Panels and Replacement Diffusers

These lights can take anywhere from several seconds up to 10 minutes before they reach full brightness, and they need time to cool after being switched off before they can be turned on again.

Custom LED Light Boxes – Backlit Signs and Art

Off-Road LED Work Lights & LED Driving Lights

LED Boat Lights and Marine LED Lights

Due to the large amount of energy that passes through it, the ballast necessary for creating the arc often wears out quickly.

150W LED Area Light – Natural White

Maintain productivity without sacrificing safety with LED work lights, LED light bars, LED headlights, and LED replacement bulbs that allow you to see and be seen farther when working in the dark.

Linear LED lights/LED strip light fixtures are great for illuminating warehouse aisles and shelving as well as gyms, parking garages, supermarkets, and tunnels. Heavy-duty construction is matched with high light output, long lifespans, and energy efficiency to outperform traditional HID light fixtures.

Emergency Vehicle & Strobe LED Lights

They pose a risk for explosions and fires and can reach temperatures that make them unsafe to touch.

Ensure optimum productivity and ease of navigation by providing phenomenal lighting in your warehouse or industrial facility. High- and low-bay lighting along with powerful heavy-duty spotlights and industrial vehicle lighting equipment provide low maintenance LED lighting solutions.

Custom LED Light Boxes – Backlit Signs and Art

What you should know about HID bulbs

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LED parking lot lights help create a sense of safety and security while minimizing maintenance and energy costs. Choose from LED shoebox area lights, dusk-to-dawn LED security lights, and gooseneck lights to brighten any parking area. These long-lasting LED lights are also great for roadways, walkways, outdoor sports areas, campuses, and parks.

This type of HID lamp uses mercury vapors and sodium to ignite an electric arc, which produces a gold-colored light that is used mostly in parking garages.

Unless an LED light is specifically infrared (IR) or ultraviolet (UV), it produces little to no IR or UV radiation, which can be damaging to skin, eyes, and fabrics.

Because of their low power consumption, LED lights are great alternative lighting solutions for solar-powered systems.

Emergency Vehicle & Strobe LED Lights

LED and high-intensity discharge (HID) lamps are some of many lighting technologies that are available today. Knowing the difference between HID and LED can help you make an educated decision on whats best for your application and budget.

Off-Road LED Work Lights & LED Driving Lights

This type of lamp creates an electric arc through vaporized mercury that produces a bluish-green light. An outer bulb envelope insulates the bulb and protects against ultraviolet radiation. Mercury-vapor lamps are the oldest type of HID lighting and are being phased out because of the increased efficiency and bettercolor renditionof metal-halide lights.

70 Watt Knuckle-Mount LED Flood Light

Hazardous Location and Vapor Proof Light Fixtures

Custom LED Light Boxes – Backlit Signs and Art

Many of these bulbs are shatterproof and shock resistant.

HID bulbs are used for many applications, including warehouse lighting, parking garage lighting, outdoor stadium lighting, street lights, and headlights.

LEDs run much cooler than HID bulbs and dont require high running temperatures to work properly, which greatly increases their longevity and enables them to function in cold temperatures.

LEDs produce the longest-lasting, most energy-efficient lighting available today. A semiconductor rich in electrons and a semiconductor rich in holes are used to create an LED. Passing a current through the junction of these two materials combines the electrons with the holes and produces photons, which is the light that you see. LED lights have endlessapplication possibilities. In addition to industrial lighting, theyre great forunder-cabinet lightinglandscape lightingvehicle lightingwork lightinghome lighting, andcommercial lighting.

Power meets energy efficiency in our weatherproof LED wall packs. The long-lasting LED fixtures provide illumination for security lighting and building entryways, and theyre available with dusk-to-dawn sensors for light only when its needed.

LED Boat Lights and Marine LED Lights

Replace traditional commercial troffer lights with LED panel lights to eliminate hazardous waste from fluorescent T8 tubes and achieve unmatched energy savings. LED panel lights are great for many applications, including office lighting, retail lighting, classroom lighting, and supermarket lighting.

Emergency Vehicle & Strobe LED Lights

LED Boat Lights and Marine LED Lights

HID lamps consist of a ballast and a quartz tube that contains gas, metal salts, and two tungsten electrodes. The ballast controls the voltage and current necessary to operate the lamp. An electric arc passes from one electrode to the other through a gas (most commonly mercury, metal halide, or sodium). The arc heats metal salts and vaporizes themcreating a plasmawhich increases light output created by the arc and increases efficiency.

HID bulbs are fragile and contain mercury. They should be recycled, and bulb contents should be sealed if they are broken.

These heavy-duty lights are specifically engineered for a range of hazardous locations. Theyre designed for high-particulate areas and areas with vapors, gas, and other substances that would fall under ATEX Zones, IECEx, or would require UL844 certifications. Also suitable for less hazardous locations that require tri-proof or vapor-proof fixtures.

Industrial LED lighting provides powerful, long-lasting illumination for warehouse lighting, high-bay lighting, low-bay lighting, and wet location lighting. Products include LED flood lights, LED parking lot lights, LED tunnel lights, and replacement bulbs.

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They can last up to 50,000 hoursthree times longer than HID bulbs and fixtures.

Our energy-efficient LED canopy lights provide long-lasting light with minimal power and maintenance. The LED lights are ideal for parking garage lighting, gas station lighting, low-bay warehouse lighting, drive-thru lighting, tunnel lighting, train stations, and covered walkways. Dusk-to-dawn LED canopy lights are available to increase savings even further.

Power consumption is the lowest compared to all other lighting technologies – 80 percent less than HID bulbs.

They are available in many different colors and variations of white.

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