Implementation of ceil function in C

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Note that this is not true on all platforms. Some platforms do not require linking against libm to get math functions.

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double ceil (double x) if (x LONG_MAX) return x; // big floats are all ints return ((long)(x+(0.97)));

include cmath // … double count = 3.0; double result = std::ceil(count/2.0);

Test test and test again. ceil(-6.2) is -6. The macros give -7. Its wrong.

or equal to the argument given (which for negative numbers means toward zero rather than away).

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I have two questions regardingceil()function..

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How to use the ceil function in second case? Please suggest.

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This is incorrect for negative values: ceiling always returns the smallest integer

define CEILING_POS(X) ((X-(int)(X)) 0 ? (int)(X+1) : (int)(X)) define CEILING_NEG(X) ((X-(int)(X)) 0 ? (int)(X-1) : (int)(X)) define CEILING(X) ( ((X) 0) ? CEILING_POS(X) : CEILING_NEG(X) )

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/tmp/ccA4Yj7p.o(.text+0x364): In functionFrontBackSplit: : undefined reference toceil collect2: ld returned 1 exit status

Hi this works fine for me.. Thanks.. What is this parameter -lm?

In C++, you can usestd::ceilfrom cmath; std::ceil is overloaded to support multiple types:

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This works fine for positives, thanks!

No, Its still giving the same error…

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How can I implement my own ceil function in C. Please give some basic guidelines.

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Your function seems buggy and error prone.

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@RBA, -lm means to link against the library or libm.dylib or m.dll, depending on your platform.

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The prototype of theceilfunction is:

Theceil()function is implemented in the math library, By default, the linker does not link against this library when invoked via the gcc frontend. To link against that library, pass-lmon the command line to gcc:

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Thank you for the answer Adam. I had the same question.

Check out the link for comments, proof and discussion:

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Theceil()function is implemented in C. If I useceil(3/2), it works fine. But when I useceil(count/2), if value of count is 3, then it gives compile time error.

My guess is that the type of your variablecountis not of type double. To use ceil in C, you would write:

Implementation of ceil function in C

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