How to Sing Chandelier by Sia

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Hello. Thanks for the vid. Can you put the lyrics youve done here ( or vid description ) so those who have progressed to understand the technique could sing from them? Thank you.

Thanks so much for the blog post. Awesome.

Could you post a vid of you singing it straight on, like without breaking it up, basically could you Do a cover of it??

When it comes to singing and creating a signature sound (like Sia), you dont manipulate the cord, you manipulate the resonant space in your face and mouth. Please watch and let me know what you think! Was this helpful? Which parts of the song give you the most trouble? Which songs / singer styles would you like me to break down next? Thanks, as always, for watching!

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Hi singer friends!! Ive just finished my latest singing tips video, this time breaking down Chandelier by Sia! Its a super cool song that got requested by lots of you on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and this blog.

Hi! You can find the full Chandelier re-written lyrics in the video description on YouTube, here:

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It is so hard by my self but it is easy to sing with her.

This post has really made a difference within my life. Many thanks for the help.

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FUN video! Great teaching, and no, you dont use your hands too much 3

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I feel like Ive been like, punched in the face is the best line in the video. I feel the same way trying to sing like Sia. Her range is insane and wonderful, much like yours. Thank you for sharing this, and basically explaining why I get pressure and a tension like headache near my temples when I try to hit the high notes while closed off from the world in my car.

I must say i appreciate you finding the time to share these records with us.

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No! you dont overly move your hands! you are the most didactic teacher I have ever seen! you are just lovely! and the way you move your hands are just the magical dust xx

How to Sing Chandelier by Sia

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