How to Read a Reflected Ceiling Plan

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How to Read a Reflected Ceiling Plan

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Español:leer un plano de techo reflejado

Notice how the reflected ceiling plan relates to the floor plan.

A reflected ceiling plan (RCP) is a drawing that shows which shows the items are located on the ceiling of a room or space. It is referred to as a reflected ceiling plan since it is drawn to display a view of the ceiling as if it was reflected onto a mirror on the floor.

Section symbols to further explain the construction of any ceiling features

In some cases, the items below are not shown, in order to keep the RCP

Visualize the ceiling over the floor below.

A specification and/or finish (paint, stucco, etc.) of the ceiling material

Ventilating and Air Conditioning (HVAC) system

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A legend explaining the symbols on the RCP

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Refer to the engineers electrical drawings for:

Is a reflected ceiling plan the same thing as an electrical lighting layout on engineering construction drawings when there is an electrical lighting layout plan included?

Expansion joint information and/ or details

A reflected ceiling plan can be found in a set of construction drawings for a house or a retail store.

No. The reflected ceiling plan focuses on the everything on the ceiling. The electrical layout plan is a part of the RCP. The electrical construction drawings must be referred to in order to determine the electrical wiring of the ceiling lights and sprinklers.

There will be tags with letters and numbers that correspond with a finish plan.

Interior designers and architects draw reflected ceiling plans and then pass them to their consulting engineering firm. The electrical engineer then adds the electrical circuitry, etc.

An explanation of any ceiling features such as bulkheads, soffits,

Check the elevation pages, or the pages numbered with an E before the number, on the set of blueprints for this.

raised or vaulted areas, trim or decorative applications

Pretend that you are hovering a couple of feet above the ceiling.

Speakers from a stereo or other communication device

The construction of the ceiling (gypsum board., acoustical tile, etc)

A drawing of a reflected ceiling plan and the floor plan that goes with it.

Back of store. Generally, it is BOH and FOH, which mean back of house and front of house.

Look for special ceiling features on the RCP, such as:

Imagine that the ceiling below you is transparent (see-through).

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When furniture, fixtures or the millwork below are shown,they are shown dotted.

An RCP should contain the following:

Observe the relationship of light fixtures to the furniture below.

Return air grilles and supply air diffusers for the Heating,

Connections to the electrical panel

A reflected ceiling plan layout must comply with local building codes, electrical codes as well as fire codes.

How would I know if a ceiling needs to be painted in a drawing?

The easiest way to read a reflected ceiling plan (RCP) is to imagine you are hovering just below the ceiling depicted in the RCP. Then, look for the different ceiling fixtures that may be present in the RCP such as speakers, emergency lighting, security cameras, or sprinkler heads. You should also notice the engineers drawings which will signify electrical wiring among other things. If youre creating your own RCP, scroll down to learn what information you should include in your plan.

Seismic information and/ or details

The height of the ceiling above the finished floor (A.F.F.)

Read a reflected ceiling plan using this concept.

Will the cornice show in the ceiling plan?

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