How to Paint a Glass Light Fixture

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Acrylic glass paint, transparent drying

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Paint Glass to Make it Look Frosted


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Remove the stencils after painting the final coat and allow the paint to dry according to the paint bottle.

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Remove tape, if necessary. Allow the paint to dry according to the paint bottle.

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Trim around your stencils so they fit on the fixtures glass panels. Do not get too close to the stencil cut-outs or you could ruin the design; leave at least an inch of space around the stencil designs.

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Place the fixture on newspaper or a drop cloth.

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Squirt a small puddle of paint into a flat, wide container, such as a disposable plastic dish or aluminum pie plate. Dab the flat end of the applicator sponge brush into the paint, then tap the edge on some newspapers to blot away as much excess paint as possible.

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Wright, Mackenzie. (n.d.). How to Paint a Glass Light Fixture.

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Remove the fixture. The glass shade or bulb cover can usually be detached by removing a finial or some screws without having to turn off electricity to remove the entire fixture. Wash it with warm, soapy water and rinse it thoroughly. Wipe the fixture dry with a lint-free towel.

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Wright, Mackenzie. How to Paint a Glass Light Fixture accessed May 18, 2018.

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Repaint a Chrome Bathroom Light Fixture

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Tap the flat edge of the sponge brush over the cut-out sections of the stencil. A series of quick, light, repeated taps will give you a thin first coat. Apply more paint to other sections.

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If you make a mistake, wipe it away with a cotton swab dipped in rubbing alcohol. If you dont like the way its coming out, use alcohol and paper towels to wipe clean the entire surface and start over.

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Dampen a cotton ball with rubbing alcohol and wipe down the glass to remove any remnants of grease or residue that can interfere with the paint job. Allow the fixture to air dry.

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Peel off the backing of the first stencil and stick it on the glass with the design centered exactly where you want it. Apply additional stencils if you are doing more than one.

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Cover any metal or wooden frames on the fixture that you do not want to get paint on with low-tack painters tape. Use a craft knife to trim the tape so it only covers the frames.



Turn-of-the-Century Lighting Fixtures

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Allow the first coats of paint to dry and apply a second coat. Its better to apply several light coats to keep the paint smooth an even. Repeat applications until youre satisfied with the color and opacity.

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Dip the brush into the paint and dab off excess on some newspaper so its not dripping. Brush the paint onto the glass surface going from the top to the bottom in long, smooth strokes. Go over strokes if necessary, striving for an even coating without streaks.

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Painting After Using Paint Stripper

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Squirt some paint into a disposable container. Wet a sponge paint applicator brush and squeeze it dry. Blot it on rags to ensure it is only slightly damp.

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Its amazing what a coat of paint can do to spruce up any object — even glass. Old, boring glass fixtures can be given an inexpensive makeover with glass paints, bringing the look of stained glass or decorative embellishments to your plain fixtures. When youre decorating, its just these kinds of details that make a room go from bland to grand.

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Select an acrylic or enamel glass paint in the desired color. Paint containers should be labeled opaque or transparent; choose the look you prefer.

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Choose transparent acrylic glass paint in the color of your choice so the light can shine through the fixture like stained glass.


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Wet a sponge stencil applicator brush and squeeze it as dry as you can. Dab it on a rag to ensure you remove as much excess liquid as possible.

Wright, Mackenzie. How to Paint a Glass Light Fixture.

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How to Paint a Glass Light Fixture

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