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Customer Service Desk 1 Year

Chelsea HackmanStore 669 San Diego, California

Kerry Koener and Randy JacksonStore 550 Dallas, Texas

All 13 stores in the district held special Kids Workshops encompassing sensory skills to get these special children involved. Associates helped the children navigate the different stations.

We basically tore the lamp apart, Randy said. They reassembled the parts and attached a cup holder to the multi-jointed arm, but then came the tricky part. We had to work out how to attach it to the wheelchair, so we asked the customer to bring her husband and his wheelchair into the store for a fitting, he said.

A customer sought out Store Manager Dave Jusino at Store 4643 and asked for a donation of two plants that a child could simply water and watch grow. The customer told him about her friends whose little boy was undergoing treatment for a rare form of brain cancer. The family was due home from the hospital two days later, and she wanted something bright by the front door to welcome them. She mentioned that the family had been out of town on medical visits for several weeks and their yard was in disarray.

In an email to the store, the customer wrote, Trust is extremely high on the list and finding the right person to complete the job efficiently can be tricky … I felt safe and instantly knew I made the right choice coming into the store … Chelseas ability to make communication go smoothly saved me from a great deal of frustration … it was seamless.

The customer posted her experience on Facebook. She wrote, Now I REALLY love these guys at Home Depot! Not only did they have a great design for a movable, removable cup holder WITH water bottle for Tracy FOR FREE, they had a birthday cake for him and had the employees gather together in the break room to sing to him! The post received more than 2,000 likes. Her husband has more than 100,000 views on his blog.

The Saturday event was the culmination of something that Store Manager Myron Gurien from Store 1080 had been working on for several months. He coordinated a district-wide Autism Kids Workshop. We wanted to increase awareness, Myron said. Its amazing how many families, even within the stores in our district, are affected by autism. The reality is that lives are really changed by autism.

Simple cup holder is perfect solution

over 28,000 days, and across 1,000 cities in 2015

District 327 Sacramento, California

Word of Chelseas ASL skills has spread through the deaf community. A lot of customers come into my store because they know I can interpret for them, Chelsea said. They tell me this isnt their closest store, but they know I can answer their questions.

Myron Gurien, Eli Soto and TeamDistrict 327 Sacramento, California

But when Chris heard that the young boy had arrived with just a trash bag containing one change of clothes, she knew she had to do something, and she knew that the other associates at Store 4113 would want to be involved too.

It was a busy spring weekend for District 327 in the Sacramento, CA area. Associates got involved with two special events.

Sunday was another busy day with associates helping at a picnic hosted by the Wounded Warrior Project. One of their mentor volunteers reached out to Eli Soto, Store Manager at Store 6946 in Tulare, asking if THD could organize a Kids Workshop at the picnic. He told Eli he had approached one of our competitors who told him they didnt do outside workshops.

The store also had a birthday surprise for the special customer. Associates gathered and presented him with a Home Depot water bottle and a cake.

The little boy had a blast. He arrived thinking he was just going bowling, Chris said. Instead, he had a wonderful birthday party, including a Lego-themed cake. Associates at Store 4113 have made a huge difference in a little boys life.

Associates from Stores 8529, 1073, 6615, 8426, 6946 and 1080 jumped at the chance to help. More than 75 children attended and it was so rewarding, Myron said. The organization is very appreciative of everything we do. Our associates loved being involved in both events. They are excited to get the opportunity to work with these children.

Store 669 San Diego, California

We all know how much clothes and shoes cost, and once store associates found out that the little boy had no clothes and no toys, it was crazy, Chris said. Associates started bringing in bags and bags of stuff.

Store 4802 Lumber Department Supervisor, Matt Ferguson, created a Home Depot customer for life with some excellent customer service. The customer asked him to cut some boards and a piece of plywood into a 2-foot square. I asked her what project she was working on, Matt said. The customer explained that her husband had crippling arthritis in his legs and ankles, and she wanted something to help him step up into their van.

I told her we could definitely figure something out, Kerry said. He brought Assistant Store Manager Randy Jackson into the loop and they started to brainstorm some ideas.

The installation went like clockwork. It started with a faucet replacement, but they also needed a pressure regulating valve and supply lines replaced, Chelsea said. She felt comfortable with me there; otherwise she said she wouldnt have set up the install. She had a lot of questions.

A customer walked into Store 550 and encountered Garden Department Supervisor Kerry Koener. She was looking for some PVC pipe to make a cup holder for her husband who has amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (known as ALS or Lou Gehrigs disease). The cup holder was to be a birthday gift for him the following week.

Matt FergusonStore 4802 Charleston, West Virginia

projects were completed to serve veterans in our communities

Store 4113 Swatara, Pennsylvania

Randy and Kerry soon had a solution. They took out the screws on the bottom of the lamp base, drilled some extra holes and attached the cup holder to the wheelchair arm with strong ties.

The power of the Home Depot begins with our Companys strong culture and commitment to our values. Our Orange-Blooded associates are our greatest competitive advantage and the key to our success.

This was pretty neat, Kerry said. Im glad it worked out. They were ecstatic.

In a letter to David, the customer wrote, I cannot thank you enough for your contribution. I thought I could get a few colorful bushes that we could plant in their yard, and The Home Depot has far exceeded my expectations … while a new colorful yard is not a necessity, it sure will help make them feel good. To be able to take their son out to enjoy the simpler things in life, such as flowers, birds and the garden, will do all of their hearts good.

Store 4113 showed a fellow associate and his family a lot of love after they welcomed a foster child into their family. The associate came into the break room with a big smile on his face, said Kitchen Department Supervisor Chris Davis. He started telling me that he and his wife were fostering an 8-year-old boy.

Chris wrapped all the new clothes and toys, including books, DVDs and even a Nintendo 3DS. Several associates donated gift cards, which covered a bicycle, a tablet and a bunch of board games. We gave the foster dad a new parent card signed by every associate with the rest of the donation money, Chris said.

The associates were very happy to be involved, Dave said. With any project, you want to make the biggest impact for the longest time. This little boy is very, very sick, and the prognosis is not great. But the garden will be there for the family, and they will remember what The Home Depot has done for them.

I cut the pieces, and then she asked me if I knew anyone in the area who did odd jobs and who could help assemble it, Matt said. I immediately offered to do it for her.

invested to support the needs of veterans since 2011

About 40 minutes later, Matt had built a sturdy platform, complete with a non-stick surface and a handy carrying handle. The customer was ecstatic. It was Mothers Day, and she said this was like a gift for her, Matt said. Before the customer left, she made it very clear that shed be a customer for life and said she would tell all her friends about her excellent experience at The Home Depot too!

Store 4802 Charleston, West Virginia

The customer was looking for advice on several plumbing issues. She wanted to set up an install appointment and didnt know how to ask, Chelsea said. I helped her pick out faucets first. Chelsea then went a step further. She got approval from her manager and asked the installer to call her at the store 30 minutes before he arrived at the customers home. I said I would meet the plumber there so I could continue to interpret, she said. Before the customer left the store, Chelsea also interpreted while another associate showed her how to fix a window sash and screen.

After the customer had finished talking, I told her I had an idea and asked her to let me brainstorm with my team, Dave said. I thought, What can we do in one day that will have the biggest impact?

Chris Davis and TeamStore 4113 Swatara, Pennsylvania

veteran homes transformed thanks to The Home Depot Foundation

The Orange Heart Award recognizes outstanding associates who exemplify our strong Home Depot values each day. These individuals have gone above and beyond to deliver outstanding customer service or have done something extraordinary for a fellow associate.

Chris sorted through the donations. She gave the foster parent the gently used clothes and toys to take home immediately. But she had another idea up her sleeve for everything else. Everyone wanted to see the little boy enjoying his new toys. I found out his birthday was coming up, so I got the OK from Store Manager Scott Saurs to combine our Success Sharing celebration at a bowling alley with a birthday party for the child.

Dave Jusino and TeamStore 4643 Virginia Beach, Virginia

Part-time Special Services associate Chelsea Hackman at Store 669 approached a couple in the aisles. I noticed a customer using American Sign Language (ASL) with her husband. I can sign, so I introduced myself and asked if I could help, Chelsea said. Chelsea has been signing for five years after deciding to take ASL as a foreign language credit.

Planning was crucial for such a successful event. Each store participated on a conference call in February and connected with local organizations. We really did our homework, Myron said. We had touching, feeling and colors. The soap bubbles were a big hit. Stores created fliers to get the word out, and more than 1,300 children participated in the workshops.

Doing what The Home Depot does best, Daves team soon had a plan in place. The following day, Dave accompanied by Edwin Burgos, Jack Chapman, Chris David, Jedd Groom, Kayla Miller, Pat Smith and Ray Vicha, arrived at the house with a truck loaded of supplies. By the end of the day, the associates had landscaped the yard, spread mulch, planted flowers and hung bird feeders in trees. There was even a canopy swing on the deck.

Store 4643 Virginia Beach, Virginia

Randy, a 19-year Company veteran, ran an art department before he joined The Home Depot. I immediately thought of one of those flexible architect desk lamps and thought that would work, he said. Randy purchased a $12 lamp on his way home, and the following day, he and Kerry got to work.

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