HID Conversion Kit

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Choose the manufacturer of the vehicle you would like to find the bulb sizes for. Examples:Dodge, Ford, Honda etc.

Vehicle lighting has undergone a major transformation over the last few years with multiple styles, colors and bulb sizes available. With so many options it is often hard for the consumer to choose the correct part to accurately replace a bulb. Not only can you search for bulbs for your specific vehicle, you are also able to see all bulbs available in general in different categories. To also make your bulb upgrade experience even either m has partnered with class leading lighting manufacturers. New upgraded lighting components are linked directly to all bulb sizes on the site. Carbulbguide.com is truly your one stop shop for all of your vehicle bulb needs!

Low beam headlamps are used as your primary source of light while driving and is intended for use whenever other vehicles are present ahead. Low beams provide a distribution of light designed to provide adequate forward and lateral illumination with limits on light directed towards the eyes of other road users, to control glare.

Choose the year in which your vehicle was built. This is important and even a one year difference could change your bulb size

Fog lamps provide a wide, bar-shaped beam of light with a sharp cutoff at the top, and are generally aimed and mounted low. They are intended for use at low speed to increase the illumination directed towards the road surface and verges in conditions of poor visibility due to rain, fog, dust, or snow.

High beam headlamps, often referred to as brights are used as your secondary source of light while driving and only suitable for use when alone on the road. High Beams provide a distribution of light with no particular control of light directed towards other road users eyes as the glare they produce will dazzle other drivers.

Choose the model of your vehicle in which you would like to find the bulb size for. Example:Dodge Charger or Ford Focus.

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