Help Yeelight Set Scene – Options Unavalaible

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hmmm, are they in your Yeelight app?

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Triggersare theifpart of an IF Applet. Some example Triggers areYoure tagged in a photo on FacebookorYou check in on Foursquare.

Edit: in other actions everything works fine, like on set brightness where I see my Yeelight correctly (see here:

Yes here it is: are some predefined scene (first image), that can be found in the IFTTT change color action (second image). And I believed that change scene would allow me to acces my favorite color (last image).

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Thanks for the time you spend for me, really appreciate it!

Have you tried signing in and out of your IFTTT account?

Dont know if Im clear, Im not native english speaker 😛

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Help NeededHelp: Yeelight Set Scene – Options Unavalaible(self.ifttt)

(First reddit post, tell me if something is bad :P)

Big thub up to Jayreddin for helping me, all is working now 3

Im not familiar wit Yeelights as I dont own any but can help troubleshoot some things.

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Ok so basically I reckon you try to make the applet on see if the scenes appear there.

Yes, didnt mentioned it but on the other actions (like set brightness) it works perfectly. See here Yeelight is called Salon).

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Hi there! Im trying to create a new applet that apply a Yeelight RGB scene when triggered. Problem: theres no scene to select on the Yeelight part (see here Am I missing something? I thought I would find my favorites here but maybe Im wrong?

Actionsare thethenpart of an Applet. Some example Actions aresend an emailorcreate a status message on Facebook.

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Some stuff Ill ask is what IFTTT support will ask anyway. Best way to reach out to them is on twitter.

IF Appletsrun automatically in the background. Create powerful connections with one simple statement if this then that.

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Ok that was dumb, I was using Mi Home app and Yeelight app was needed, dont know why they both still exist.

Just did it, changed nothing.. I dont understand why there is this problem… I tried to contact IFTTT support to

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Edit: Solved, just needed to use Yeelight app and not Mi Home

And you definitely logged into the correct account for Yeelight?

I dont get what is :/

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Basically I wanted to set my favorite yeelight color by voice with my Google Home. Like Ok Google, I want blue color in my living room.

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Or give me a description of what you want to achieve and Ill make the applet for you. This way we can see if its a bug in IFTTT itself.

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Have you tried disconnecting Yeelight and reconnecting to IFTTT?

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Interesting. Can you set scenes from the Yeelight app and is your bulb or lights definitely scene compatible?

Help Yeelight Set Scene - Options Unavalaible

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