Green Glass Shade Bankers Lamp

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Green Glass Shade Bankers Lamp


Amherst Bankers 15.25 H Table Lamp with Bowl Shade

The beautiful design of this stylish green glass shade bankers lamp makes the decor of your office delight. The whole design of the fabulous brass base is beautifully combined with the shade of green.

A chic banker lamp that will help you create a vintage atmosphere in the room. The base of it is slightly primitive or industrial while the shade being bright green is spectacular. It will be an original decoration of your bedside table.

Ledu Traditional Bankers 14 H Table Lamp with Novelty Shade

Green library eclectic lamp. Gold-plated kickstand is vintage and looks like column in antic Doric orded. Glazed green lamspade is modern element. This type of lamp is perfect for someone who likes unique, specific decorations.

A pretty traditional vintage bankers lamp having a metal base with a glossy brass finish. Its built of a wide round foot, a rather short round vertically grooved stem and a U-shaped lampshade holder. A semi-oval tilted lampshade is of green glass.

This beautiful example of Emeralite, commonly known as banker lamp, distinguishes itself with its great, retro green glass shade. Accompanied by glittering gold stand, it provides a really cool final effect.

This is a very beautiful reproduction of a classic desk shade bankers lamp. It is adapted for reading, so it is often used in old libraries. The lamp itself has a distinctive green lampshade and is made of brass.

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Vintage bankers desk lamp will add a style to your office. Emerald glass shade is a perfect vintage finish of the lamp. Lamp gives bright light, which is perfect for reading documents in the evening.

Authentic bankers lamps with chromed metal bases. A base is built of a wide round foot, a short round stem and a U-like lampshade holder. Semi-oval tilted shades are of green or vivid blue glass. Theyre equipped with chain pull or on cord switches.

Chesapeake Bankers 15.25 H Table Lamp with Rectangular Shade

Lamps play an important function. Now you will have a chance to discover how pretty they can be, as well. See these photos and choose the one that you like most, keeping in mind that many people have already chosen these lamps for themselves, and they are pleased with their choice.

A beautiful bankers lamp for brightening up private libraries, dens, lofts, offices, and living rooms. The lamp has a square brass base with a short marble pole and a curvy brass neck, supporting an elongated shade made of green glass.

A stunning table lamp that sports the rectangular shade of amber glass shade that goes along perfectly with its oil rubbed bronze finish and pull chain switch to ensure even more functionality and convenience.

Lampshade designed for desk lamp. It is completely made of glass and gives warm tone of light. Elegant accent for bedroom, office, living room and more.

Original bankers lamp stylization in the house. This table lamp features a stylish green shade made of glass. Its high gloss brass base is also very attractive and durable. Round base provides good stability.

A great accessory for illuminating desks in vintage-looking dens. This bankers lamp has a magnificent body made of solid brass and black marble, holding an elongated shade designed of green glass. An on / off pull-chain included.

It is a very practical lamp on the desk. Ideal for work and study. It is ideally suited for surface illumination on the desk. At the same time, and its very pretty and delicate. It is perfect for the office or youthroom.

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