Glass Ceiling Effect

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However it has been found that the glass ceiling effect also has major derivations from traditional gender biases cultivated in the minds of people since ages. As defined by tradition, men were the earners and the women homemakers and that is still ingrained in the modern minds. Women tend to choose such careers that give them enough time to take care of domestic chores and they end up with jobs that are financially inferior to those chosen by men. Hence, though literacy and education have had far reaching effects with products like Indra Nooyi and Kiran Shah Mazumdar, we still have a long way to go if the glass ceiling effect has to be minimized to the least if not eradicated.

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The invisible barrier affect working women the most as it diminishes any chances of advancement for someone who is career conscious. Such discrimination leads women to have feelings oflow self-esteem, decreased motivation and a slowing down of interest in their jobs. One of the many fangs of the glass ceiling effect is the evident difference in wages for the same job. Also, women are given inferior statuses within the same job and in most places are treated as subordinates to their male counter partners. Workplace discrimination is witnessed in all levels from blue collar jobs to professional careers.

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In our everyday lives we come across incidents ofat workplace, at home and social circles. Women since ages have been known as the weaker sex. One may ask now how does fit in all these? Well, situations of gender discrimination are popularly referred to stresses the limitation of upward progress a woman is subjected to and refers to the fact that though the limitation is apparently not written in any rule book, it is nevertheless a defeated fact understood by both the sexes.

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