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Geek Gadgets

Tactical Holiday Stocking Made for Manly Men

Does standing really make you healthier? Heres what we know – and what we dont….

A new Casper mattress. Cool or hot? Supportive or saggy?…

This $4.8 Million Dollar Home Sports a 40-foot Door (pics)

Bottle Opener CuffLinks Make You Look Cool At The Club And The Pub

Hypoallergenic Dog Food Guide: Is it Right for Your Pooch? Does your dog seem to…

Gerber Money Clip Holds Your Credit Cards and a Knife, Made for the Practical Gentleman

For decades, no, make that centuries, man (and woman) has sat down at a desk…

Casper was one of the first companies to disrupt the mattress industry in 2013 by…

Wallets. They generally serve a single(ish) purpose: carrying cash, IDs and credit cards. So when…

Varidesk Pro Plus 36 Review Roundup

Versadesk Powered Standing Desk Converter: Electric Goodness in a Small Package

Best Office Chair Under $300: Save Your Back (and Money)

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Your wallet will thank you after you read this list….

Super Sleek Custom Beer Pong Table Puts The Drunk Back In Your Game

Beer Tracker Bottle Opener Counts Consumed Beers In Case You Black Out

To help you relieve your pain, we researched over 40 different chairs and found the…

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The Wee Wee Aim Ball Is Aptly Named

Best Office Chair for Lower Back Pain: Why Ergonomics Matter

Standing Desks: Health Benefits Not Yet Proven

5 Smooth Points About Gillettes New Flexball Razor (List)

On-Ice Beer Dispenser Quickly Chills Beers without the Water Downed Taste

Shaving Helmet Is Fake And Heres Why (video)

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Sitting at a desk all day long could adversely affect your health and Im not…

I dont have to tell you how crummy it feels to sit at a desk…

Wheres Wallet: A Smart Wallet For Forgetfuls

We all have things in our life that we want to keep safe and secure….

Whats the Most Comfortable Office Chair?

SLIMMY Wallet Original with RFID Shielding Review

iCufflinks Glow to the Beat of Your Mac Inspired Heart (video)

Herman Miller Aeron Chair Review Roundup

You Need to see this Cove 3 South Africa Home, Its a Stunning Beauty (pics)

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Check this Wooden iPhone Credit Card Carrier by Killspencer

Carbon Fiber Money Clip and Wallet is Both Light and Small

The Backstrong Office Chair Swivels You Into Proper Posture

StandDesk Pro Standing Desk Review: A Great Standing Desk But

Herman Miller Sayl Chair Review Roundup

Wanna Run 10 Marathons This Year? Try a StandDesk

The Keychain Crow Bar is the Only Universal Key Youll Ever Need

Pacific Office Chair Reinvents Chair Design, Wins Over Apple

If you have any kind of an office job or work on the computer all…

Readydesk Standing Desk: The Quick and Cheap Standing Desk

Hyperglide Razors Provide Worlds Best Shave

Eureka Standing Desk Converter Review

Woolet: A Smart Wallet that Self-Charges

Casper Mattress Review: Is It Coitus Compatible?

Flask Tie is the Best Way to Lose Your Job

Casper Essential Mattress Review: A 2 Month Sleep Study

Brauns New ¬CoolTec Shaver Puts Skin Irritation On Ice

Fully Cooper Standing Desk Converter Review

Our Best Standing Desk Converter Picks for 2018

Powerwallet and DOQ: Wireless Wallet + Wireless Wallet Charging Dock In One

Gadget of the Week: Inflatable Poker Table

New Study Shows More Standing Benefits for Men Than Women

Trackimo GPS Tracking Devices: Track Your Stuff With Ease

Pretend Youre Tony Stark With Light-Up LED Iron Man Shirt

Reflexonic’s Viberect: The First FDA Approved Male Vibrator

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