Fluorescent Light Covers

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Ive been asking my boss for something to cover the harsh fluorescent lights above my desk. I found your website and chose the Tiffany panel. Wow, what a difference! No more glaring light shining into my eye. No more burning eyes or headaches, and it looks so beautiful. So many positive comments from coworkers and clients. I wish the whole office had these covers! I am 100% happy with these panels!!! more

Panel was custom sized to just 14 wide and was absolutely perfect in dimensions! The extra cost for a custom size was well worth the price! Our fixture has a nice wood frame . and now looks like an expensive new fixture! Customer service was excellent and shipping time was much faster than we expected . panel was unbelievably well packaged! more

Whether you needdecorative replacement light panels, a largeSky Ceiling Mural, or are in charge of ahotel lighting remodel, we can provide a creative, decorative solution to produce the most attractive after market improvements available for LED and fluorescent lighting.  Each of your light panels is a blank canvas of the best typeA back-lit one.   We offer you the chance to do something very special with it.

Our artwork is modified for a perfect fit, rather than simply stretched or cropped.

For our 200+ unique design options, we produce decorative panels on thehighest quality acrylicavailable. The silky matte finish on thiscarefully selected acrylicprovides the perfect canvas for our high resolution artwork. Your investment is long term, since our lenses will last for years without discoloring or becoming brittle.

Upgrading your fluorescent light covers to something decorative is simple. And since these diffuser panels (or light covers) come in a variety of non-standard sizes, we have designed our process to produce your replacement light panel in the exact size needed.

Keep Your Kitchen Lighting. . . Decorate It!

Enhance the practical benefits of fluorescent and LED lighting with the artistic and stylish visual qualities found in fine lighting decor.Fluorescent Gallery Decorative Light Coversare a quality lighting upgrade for ordinary fluorescent and LED lights, and provide a significant contribution to the overall style of any establishment, including homes, restaurants, healthcare facilities, schools, salons, hotels, offices, and more.

Inspired by our customer requests for prints to accommodate vertically installed LED and fluorescent light boxes, we have taken the task to another level with prints that produce stunning large size imagery on walls and back-lit installations.

Ourultra large format photographsare some of the highest resolution images available anywhere for print.  Order a print for a wall mural, or back-lit acrylic panels for a light box.

Decorate and Revive the Fluorescent Lighting

Custom Sized Fluorescent Light Covers

Lets Customize Your Ceiling Lights

When your new light panels arrive, you will have perfectly centered artwork in your specific fixture or suspended ceiling lighting arrangement.

Decorative Light Cover Panels, Sky Ceilings & Wall Murals

LED and Fluorescent Light Panels Can Be Decorative!

Fluorescent Lighting.Decorative Fluorescent Light CoversView Installations

These [California Gold Set] arrived today in very secure packaging. We opened and installed them into the light box in our kitchen. These are absolutely BEAUTIFUL!!! My initial plan was to tear out the light box and install different lighting. These panels took a blaring light box and turned it into a beautiful feature in my kitchen. Highly recommend this company and this product!

Fluorescent Light Covers

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