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Really love these new headlights for my MR-2, way better than the old factory lights

Copyright © 2003-2018 , Inc. 140 58th St., Brooklyn, NY 11220

Copyright © 2003-2018 , Inc. 140 58th St., Brooklyn, NY 11220

In addition to tint only kits, we also offer Rtint protection film as an option for both the custom and pre-cut headlight tint kits. Extensively tested by Rtint engineers this protection film is 12mil thick (in comparison to standard Rtint film at 3mil) and protects against UV damage, dust, debris and even large rock hits. Choose from all of the standard Rtint colors or clear Rshield if youre just looking to protect your vehicles lights.

Custom headlight tint kits offer you the ability to get the same personalize look as after-market replacements but without sacrificing your OEM lights or as much of your hard-earned cash. Rtint custom headlight kits are designed to your specifications: simply specify the year, make, model and shade desired and within 14 to 21 days your tints will arrive at your door step. Available in blackout, smoke, HID blue, yellow and a variety of other wild colors you will be the talk of the town once youve updated your lights with these kits.

When you think of custom headlights you may immediately think that the price tag will be in the hundreds of dollars and, although there are no shortage of companies willing to charge you that kind of money, Rvinyl isnt one of them. Were car lovers just like you and have done our homework to bring you the most economical and high-quality aftermarket headlights from companies like Spec-D, LED kits by Putco and ProFocos and custom headlight tint and protection kits by Rtint.

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Its not broken we just have a lot of products to show you.

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Rvinyl is dedicated to helping you personalize your ride and we can think of no better to get it done than with the addition of custom headlights to your car or truck. Rvinyl proudly offers a complete line of custom headlight personalization options from complete aftermarket projector and halo lights, to LED accent kits and custom headlight tint and protection kits designed just for you. With all of these choices its a sure bet that you will find the right product at the right price to give you the custom look youve always wanted.

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Providing you with the highest quality and most installer-friendly custom head lights on the market is our goal. We understand that when you purchase Rvinyl custom headlights for your car or truck youre not making just any purchase–youre making a statement about who you are and how you want the world to see you. Customizing cars has been a passion of our since we started back in 2003 and we are proud to be able to share it with customers like you every single day. Whether youre looking to upgrade an older car or tune a new one we want to be the people you come to first for the best-priced and most innovative products on the market.

One of the most popular options for headlight customization is to simply purchase complete aftermarket head lamps to replace those that came factory. The choice to use after-market projector or halo lights has some significant advantages over tinting or smoking out your lights, the best of which is that it can be done quickly and is (in most cases) a plug-and-play installation. All of the aftermarket custom headlights we carry come direct to you from Spec-D Tuning and are engineered to burn more brightly and convey a more aerodynamic appeal than your original head lamps. From angel-eyes, to projectors, to CCFL and the latest in LED technology these headlights are the ultimate in custom accessories.

I love the look of projector lights and wished my 2006 Nissan Sentra came with some factory. So after a front end collision, I thought I would repair it with these lights. Way brighter than my stock lights and the halo ring looks awesome at night. Good quality, I have had them on my car for about three months with no real issues, no moisture or anything. Well worth it.

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