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We used these to replace 160 40w incandescent lamps around our makeup mirrors. The results were great. The color temp made the actors and designers happy, the low heat made the actors even happier. Very even light in all directions eliminated shadows. Very pleased with this change over.

Most of the bulbs in my house have been switched over, save for a few fixtures that require *less* light than the 60w equiv. LEDs I have been buying. It turns out that those few fixtures really bother me now when the kids leave them on, so when I saw the 40w bulbs I knew I had to buy some.

These were still too bright to use for my triple bulb vanity fixture, but perfect for the entry way.

These are perfect for my entry way light. With the two 60w equiv LEDs it was blindingly bright. With the two 40w equiv it is still slightly more than would be perfect, but its better a tad bright than a tad dim.

They are great for the price. I have these bulbs in warm white and they set the room off perfectly.

Perfect lighting replacement for 40 watt incandescent. The light is soft and even nicer than incandescents.

Curtis Mathes

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