Crystal Bobeches Cups and Dishes

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Strass Color Swarovski Crystal Prisms

Chandelier Hardware and Replacement Parts

Crystal Chandelier Arms and Flanges

Metal Chandelier Canopies and Backplates

Pressed Glass Bobeche – Diamond Pattern

Silver Bowl Reflector-Type Light Bulbs

Clear Strass Swarovski Crystals for Chandeliers

Crystal Bobesche with Crisscross Design

Chandelier Hardware – Loops, Wires, Nuts, and Caps

2 3/4 Crystal Candle Cup – Crisscross Design

Our selection of chandelier restoration parts is always chosen with quality in mind, first and foremost. We want to give you beauty that will not lonely look stunning, but is also built to last. Our selection of options for crystal chandeliers have all been hand crafted with attention to even the smallest of details and feature the most precise cuts available to help you turn any chandelier into an impressive lighting fixture you will love showing off to guests. In addition to our stunning selection of bobeches, we offer many choices for those seeking a crystal cup or crystal dish to create a beautiful chandelier. We feature a variety of designs to accommodate a range of tastes, as well as a variety of sizes and pin hole counts to accommodate a diverse group of chandeliers. No matter what you are looking for, we are happy to answer any questions or help you in the selection of parts for your next chandelier upgrade or restoration project.

A crystal chandelier has long symbolized elegance and exceptional taste in home decor. While many modern day chandeliers may feature metal bodies, the more traditional feature less metal and more crystal throughout their design. When admiring a crystal chandelier with a crystal bobeche as opposed to a metal one, the eyes of any admirer are easily impressed by the grandeur and opulence of such details to create a unified look of impeccable elegance. When a crystal bobeche is paired perfectly with a crystal cup, the overall visual appeal of a crystal chandelier is greatly increased. We are pleased to offer many exquisite selections for your chandelier needs from a stunning crystal bobeche to an elegant crystal dish, as well as anything else you may need to update your chandelier.

Crystal Dish with Crisscross Design

Medium Base (E26) Antique Style Filament Light Bulbs

Traditional Chandelier Crystal Prisms

Antique Style Filament Light Bulbs Candelabra Base (E12)

At Chandelier Supply, we know how frustrating it can to find the perfect chandelier parts and accessories for your particular design of chandelier or vision for a restoration project. We pride ourselves on eliminating the headaches and hassles of find the perfect part. We offer only the best in a wide range of chandelier parts at affordable prices so you can find the perfect part for your chandelier today.

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