Costco! WinPlus LED Ceiling Light w Smart Sense! $25!!!

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Costco! EDISON Vintage Dimmable Nickle Pendant Light! $19!!!

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New! WinPlus LED Ceiling Light w/ Smart Sense! $25!! Flushmount light fixture for $25 at Costco!  Its quite cook with the ability to customize color temp, brighteness, proximity sensors, and timer.  There is no wifi control. Amazon and they had different designs and cost about $30+ all the fun features.

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Manuka UMF 5+ Taste Different! Comvita vs. Melora vs. Wedderspoon!!!

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Costco! Northrock CTM urban hybrid bike!

Microphone: Blue Yeti USB Microphone Silver

Costco! WinPlus LED Ceiling Light w Smart Sense! $25!!!

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