Commercial Lighting Fixtures

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Oursuspended fluorescent fixturesare suitable for surface or pendant mounting. Available in 2, 3, 4, and 6 lamp options.

Halogen, Incandescent/LED Compatible

We carry 2×4, 2×2, and 1x4LED troffersin 3,500K to 5,000K color temperatures. These troffers are great for schools, hospitals and commercial office spaces because they provide clean, even illumination with energy savings.

Recessed lightingconstitutes fixtures in which the majority of the light fixture is mounted inside the ceiling, leaving only the bulb, trim and/or lens exposed. Recessed lights typically have three parts: the housing, bulb, and trim (and sometimes a lens). We carry LED, CFL, incandescent, and halogen recessed lights and accessories.

Illuminate your landscape with energy-efficientLED landscape lighting. We carry bullets, pathway lights, step lights, in-ground well lights, and bollards.

UseLED barn lightsin place of standard HIDs to illuminate driveways, yards, properties, and work areas.

Usefluorescent high bay fixturesto illuminate your business, office, warehouse, or any other commercial or industrial space. Choose from T5 and T8 fixtures with options for 2, 3, 4, or 6 lamps.

LED wraparound fixturesare similar to fluorescent troffers, only surface-mounted, thinner, and they do not require separate bulbs. They are ideal for utility lighting in parking garages and stairwells. ]

High bay fixturesare ideal in commercial and industrial spaces. Choose from compact fluorescent, metal halide/pulse-start, and LED fixtures that are temporary, non-ballasted, or made from spun aluminum.

Bulk head fixturesare common in schools, hospitals, and a variety of other commercial and industrial spaces. Choose from oval, circle, caged, or hooded fixtures.

LED shop lightsare a perfect addition to any industrial workspace or shop area. They can be turned on by pulling a chain included within the fixture.

Canopy fixturesare great for underpasses, loading docks and parking garages, as well as wet locations or where vandal-resistant lighting is required. We carry metal halide/pulse start, compact fluorescent, canopy lights.

Under cabinet lightsarent just for the kitchen anymore. They are becoming more commonly used to light desks, office spaces, coves and shelves as well. We carry LED, xenon, and fluorescent options.

Fluorescent strip fixturesare suitable for general or task lighting and are easily mounted to the wall or ceiling. Available in 1 to 4 lamp fixtures.

Track lightingconstitutes fixtures where a series of lights, each mounted onto an adjustable head, are installed on a single overhead track. We offer both low and line voltage track lighting system and accessories.

Our extensive collection oflighting fixture accessoriesincludes led fixture accessories, wire guards, mounting accessories, baffles and glare shields, lenses and lexan guards, retrofit kits, power cords, and more.

Wall pack lightsare an excellent solution for security purposes and parking lots. They are designed with durable features such as shatter-resistant glass to protect each fixture from vandalism and bad weather. offers a wide selection of wall pack lighting that includes metal halide, high-pressure sodium, compact fluorescent, and LED fixtures.

LED pendantsare suitable for general or task lighting and can be installed as a surface-mount fixture or by using chains or cables like a pendant light.

Flood light fixturesare used for sporting events, parking lots, outdoor events, and more. Our selection includes induction, metal halide, high-pressure sodium, compact fluorescent and LED fixtures, giving you plenty of great options to choose from.

We sell battery-powered and LEDsecurity lighting. Our battery-powered systems, quartz bullet flood lights and motion sensors can keep your property safe.

LED dock lightsare high-powered spot lights, perfect for rough work areas like shipping and loading docks or machine and inspection stations.

Vapor proof lightingis suitable for use in wet locations, so industrial style outdoor lighting is a possibility. Its clear heat resistant tempered glass is vapor proof.

Use energy-savingLED low bay fixturesin lighting applications like warehouses, commercial facilities, and aisles.

Vapor tight fluorescent fixturesare long, strip fixtures that provide a wide range of light and energy savings.

LED area lightsare energy-saving, architectural flood lamps used for street, park, and warehouse lighting.

Housed in glass reinforced polyester or steel, ourLED vapor-proof light fixturesare suitable for parking garages, utility lighting, and stairwell lighting.

Our collection ofLED battery-powered fixturesincludes motion-sensing lights, step lights, path lights, and security lights.

Sometimes,temporary lightingis needed for the duration of a project or special event. covers this need with temporary caged light stringers, sockets, lamp guards, and dock lights.

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Commercial Lighting Fixtures

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