Check Engine Light Symbols

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The possible reasons for it coming on number in the hundreds and only your dealer or authorized service center can properly address them. However, remember that a loose or missing gas cap will cause the light to come on. This is the only solution available to the average driver, so do check that the gas cap is installed and properly tightened (make sure it clicks at least once).

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These are all versions of the dreadedsymbols, some of the oldest and easily the most common and recognizable of the symbols that you may see. The word Check may appear inside the image of the sideways engine, or below, or not at all.

If othersymbolsare also active, note that theis your first concern. In some cases, other systems in the car may be shut down until the reason thelight is active is addressed, and the symbols associated with those symbols may be activated. Be sure to check our

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In older vehicles, thisText version, the, indicates a fault in an emissions related electronic system. ThePicture Symbolwith the lightning bolt in it means the same thing. Your dealer will be needed to properly assess the problem. Some version of theis now universal and covers these and other engine-related faults.

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