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Our Collection of Sky Ceiling Light Covers

Arizona Sky: A Desert-Inspired Ceiling Light Panel

Our classicskies and cloudsstained glass, ornamental iron, and other lighting themes are printed on premium acrylics and known to improve productivity in offices spaces.

I would recommend these [sky panels] to anyone, the quality is outstanding, and the price is affordable I LOVEEEEEEE them and I am so happy that I have them, surprised in the high quality of these panels and the colors are just amazing, this is a great company to order from. Everyone who sees them are stunned by how beautiful they are. Veronica P

I have now ordered sky murals three times and have been completely satisfied each time. Patients make positive comments daily on how the murals brighten up the office. Gordon L

If youre seeking a concurrent sky scene that covers a multi-panel installation, browse ourSky Mural Ceilingspage.

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A solid menu and great vibe is essential for any successful restaurant. Sky panels can help make your dining experience unique and exceptional, create an inviting atmosphere for patrons, and entice guests to keep coming back to try out other items on the menu.

Theres something immensely uplifting and energizing about being outside under a big, blue sky that stretches across the horizon. While its impossible to guarantee good weather or be outside whenever the sky is clear, decorative light panels featuring stunning sky cloud designs offer a simple, affordable, and cost-effective way to bring a little of the outdoors in.

Our light panels are considered a long-term investment, lasting many years without turning yellow or becoming brittle.

For private practice doctors, dentists, chiropractors, and other healthcare professionals, making your patients feel relaxed is essential. Installing sky panels in your office can provide a source of distraction and tranquility while a patient is lying down.

SkyView 4: A Tropical-Inspired Ceiling Light Panel


SkyView 27 Underneath The Aspens

Decorative Light Cover Panels, Sky Ceilings & Wall Murals

Make your hotel or casino truly memorable by installing a striking 5-star sky & cloud ceiling that leaves a lasting impression. Your guests will appreciate the attention to detail and it will provide a warm, inviting atmosphere for everyone, including staff.

Replacing harsh fluorescent lights with sky panels are a cost-effective method to improve your hospitals overall patient experience. Provide serene depictions of nature for both patients and their eagerly waiting loved ones to look up at during their stay.

Our light cover designs are printed on acrylic fluorescent replacement lenses that replace your existing panels. These are NOT stickers or backlit films. Unlike similar products from other companies, our decorative ceiling light diffusers will never bubble, fade, become yellow or deteriorate. Years later, theyll look just as good as they did on the day of delivery. Our acrylic choices are recyclable, but you may never have to do so. We offer three options:

Continue browsing our website toshopfor a great solution for your home or business.

Were a premier source for high quality, cost effective, and long lasting decorative fluorescent light diffuser panels.

Our happy customers have left glowing reviews for over 10+ years. Read a small selection of customer reviews below, or visit our individual product pages for hundreds of other testimonials.

Blue sky lighting in the workplace has been shown to improve employee morale, mood, energy, and productivity. By making the smart investment of installing sky cloud ceilings in your corporate office or lobby, you can help boost visitor and employee happiness, which may result in an increase to your bottom line.

I cant begin to tell you how thrilled we are with our skylight panels. The ceiling is absolutely stunning. Our tenants were in awe when they saw it for the first time, and of course everyone wants to sit beneath it. Linda E

Our wide assortment of decorative replacement light diffusers can enhance existing commercial fluorescent and LED lighting installations a relatively low-cost remodel.

Based in Aliso Viejo, California, we have delivered tens of thousands of home and commercial lighting solutions worldwide since 2007.

From the second customers walk in your doors, you want them to feel totally comfortable and relaxed. Sky ceiling panels help provide soft, diffused blue lighting that naturally help calm, soothe, and lull your client into a state of deep relaxation while you work.

SkyView 5 Springtime Bliss: A Spring-Inspired Ceiling Light Panel

If youd like to achieve a stunning sky ceiling for your home, office, school or church, then consider our sky panels to simulate an outdoor feeling and reduce excess glare that is often present with fluorescent lights and recessed LED lights. Available in common sizes, 24, 11, 14 shapes and custom sizes, you can mix and match several acrylic sky panels to produce a beautiful assortment of colors and effects.

Bad lighting can have a tremendous impact on a students mind and ability to learn. Educators who replace harsh fluorescent lights in their classroom with decorative sky panel diffusers aim to boost student concentration, focus, and imagination.

SkyView 23 Real Del Mar Beach

Sky cloud panels evoke natures beauty and majesty. When your congregation looks upward, dont you want them to feel inspired and moved? Replacing harsh fluorescent lights with beautiful pieces of art can help create just the right atmosphere for your flock.

California Skies: A West Coast-Inspired Ceiling Light Panel

We work directly with home owners, business owners, general managers, general contractors, and designers to providecustom light panelsthat complement the interior of every space.

SkyView 8: A Cloud-Inspired Ceiling Light Panel

A beautiful image. Looks like our usual sky here. We work in an underground bunker and cannot have skylights or windows. Lesley L

From kitchens, bathrooms, and children areas to corporate and hotel lobbies, healthcare facilities and more, our sky panels are designed to help relax, rejuvenate, and inspire. At Fluorescent Gallery, we can help bring that wide open outdoor feeling indoors and transform your ordinary space into a calming, relaxing, and positive environment by evoking nature with blue sky ceiling panels.

Our sky panels are affordable and easy to install yourself. Replace that harsh fluorescent light fixture in your kitchen, bathroom or basement with a beautiful decorative light cover that promotes a soothing home ambiance and provides the perfect accent decor.

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