Cee-Lo – Closet Freak Lyrics

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Yes yall theres a freak in us all, yet some choose not to say

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It could be the way I wanna freak a song, tattoos, or the way I dress

FREAK! – Sometimes I like freakin at night

(Wait a minute, where the God-damn horns?)

Pull over and fuck somethin in the back of the car

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FREAK! – Some people like freakin outside now

You know a boyfriend thing is hard to find

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FREAK! – Some people like freakin bout money

All you got to do is find somebody like you

All the way, if yo brain leavin dont mind

But it aint no fun if you been freakin all monin

Advisory – the following lyrics contain explicit language:

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and they say you still going too far

La-la-la-la-la-la-la, la-la-la-la-laaaaah!

Or when people havent been where you been

FREAK! – Some people like freakin just lightly

FREAK! – Some people think freakin aint right

You cant let those who aint yet, make you they lil ball of clay

FREAK! – Some people like freakin with the lights out

Get on the floor mama and bump and grind

FREAK! – Sometimes I like freakin in the mornin

Ill turn you on to it – if you want you gon do it

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FREAK! – Some people like freakin in the club

FREAK! – Some people hell just dont care

Be free and express yourself, nastiness comes naturally

Or it could be; I wanna walk my way and refusin to follow the rest

You got to let the music freak your mind

La-la-la-la-la-la-la, la-la-la-la-la

music plays with Cee-Lo vocalizing and singing

Oh Im a freak, yes Im a freak, and just cant fight it

If you a freak, say you a freak, dont try to fight it

Oh Im a freak, yes Im a freak, and just cant hide it

FREAK! – Some people keen doin it in public

FREAK! – Some people like freakin on the express-way

from the albumCee-Lo Green And His Perfect Imperfections Copyright: Writer(s): Eric M. Stamile, Thomas Decarlo Callaway, Gaelle Adisson

Now everybody thats grown got skeleton bones they got hidden away

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Aint nuttin wrong wit – You only gon get

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