Car Light maintenance encyclopedia

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Car headlights and car LED daytime running lights are the eyes of people. “Dark eyes” are bleak, or ambiguous, not only relates to the external image of a car owner, but also guarantees safety at night when driving or in bad weather conditions. A car may not usually care about our family, but if the lights drive to the suburbs without lights at night, they will fog or find out how important it is to see the distance. Therefore, the use and maintenance of lights must not be ignored.

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Bright lights are an important guarantee for driver safety. Many owners only pay attention to tires, batteries, and brake components while using the car at ordinary times, while ignoring the night scene of nursing. In fact, you should always look for lights and security.
Note 1: Check the light bulbs, in normal use and daily maintenance, the main attention to the car always check the night line and a wide range of lights, fog lights, brake lights, etc. are normal, if there is a work light bulb is found to be black, it should be promptly replaced.
Note 2: How to replace the lamp? The car mainly reads the manual, usually remembering that the light bulb and outlet structure are prepared to cope with the temporary status. Various types of light bulbs, if available, should be ready to provide brake light and direction.
Note 3: Checking the lamp CAUTION The dust cover was once cracked. If the lamp is easily cracked, the dust cover causes the rain to enter the lamp while driving, forming a fine mist in the chimney. Once the headlights are on, they will be affected and may also corrode the circuit plugs and cause damage to the headlights. At this time, the owner can open the headlight dust cover and turn on the headlights. The Xenon light is still on. The headlights disappear within 10 minutes and disappear completely after 1 hour. If it disappears, don’t worry, However, if there is fog, go to a professional service station for processing.

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