Car Dashboard Warning Lights

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The problem:If your brake and ABS warning lights come on at the same time, there could be a major fault with the brakes. This is unsafe for you and other road users, so dont drive the car until the problem has been looked at and fixed.

Why is that dashboard warning light on?

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Safe to drive:No, stop and contact us immediately.

Anti-lock braking system (ABS) may be caused by a sensor failure.

The problem:If the warning light is on when the oil level is right, theres a problem with the oil supply which could be caused by the oil pump or a blocked oil filter. Your car engine needs the right oil pressure to stay lubricated, otherwise itll get damaged.

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Oil pressure light normally caused by low oil pressure.

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Next steps:Check youve released the handbrake fully. If you have then stop, check the brake fluid level and top it up if you need to your owners manual will tell you how to do this.

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Next steps:Stop-start driving can cause the DPF to get blocked so you should clear it by driving around for 10 minutes at over 40mph check your owners manual for more specific advice.

The problem:Its normal to see this warning light briefly as you start the engine. If it doesnt light up, or does so while youre driving, it may mean theres a problem with the wiring, the alternator or the alternator drive belt.

Lights on your cars dashboard indicate somethings wrong. As a rule of thumb, red warning lights need immediate action amber or orange, and other colour lights often mean something needs checking by a garage.

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This handy guide lists the most common dashboard lights we get calls about.

Engine management light shows when a sensor triggers an alert.

Water in diesel filter can be a sign of contaminated fuel.

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No, if the light doesnt disappear after continual driving, stop and turn off the engine get in touch about your cars breakdown.

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Yes, if the brake fluid level is ok, it might just be a sensor fault. In which case, its safe to drive to a garage.

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Next steps:Get in touch with us about your vehicles breakdown. Carrying on driving without knowing what the problem is could cause engine damage.

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Brake and ABS these symbols together mean theres a major fault with the brakes.

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Next steps:If youve just refuelled, switch off your engine, as the diesel may have been contaminated.

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If you cant see the one youre looking for, check your owners manual as warnings and icons vary with each manufacturer. Or use ourfree appto search all warning lights by car make and light colour.

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Safe to drive:No, you need to stop and check your oil level as this light shows when theres no oil pressure in the engine.

Safe to drive:Yes, as long as there arent any noises coming from the wheels, but this isnt true for every vehicle – check your handbook to be on the safe side. Take extra care when driving as your cars braking distances may increase.

Brake warning light could be a sign the hydraulic brake system has failed.

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Safe to drive:No, if the battery light shows red while driving, you need to have the fault looked at immediately as the battery isnt being charged.

Yes, if you havent refuelled, its safe to drive to a garage to have the filter drained or changed get this done as soon as you can to stop damage to the injection system.

The problem:DPFs trap tiny soot particles which are harmful to health,and convert them to harmless ash when the exhaust system gets hot but this doesnt happen on short journeys. If the DPF is full, itll need replacing which can be expensive.

Safe to drive:Yes, but you should drive for around 10 minutes at over 40mph when safe.

Battery light this symbol can mean the battery isnt charging properly.

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Diesel particulate filter (DPF) caused by the DPF filling with harmful soot particles.

The problem:Cars have lots of sensors to check if everythings running smoothly. If theres a problem, the sensor will tell the engine control unit (ECU) which will turn on the engine management light. There are many reasons why the light will show but a garage can check what the cause is.

Safe to drive:Not if youve recently refuelled, the contaminated diesel can damage your fuel system, so youll need to report its breakdown.

Next steps:Stop as soon as you can and check the oil level, topping up as needed your owners manual will tell you how to do this. If the light still shows, keep the engine switched off and let us know your cars broken down.

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Next steps:Slow down gradually and avoid braking suddenly.

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Safe to drive:Yes, provided theres no loss of power but you should get it checked.

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The problem:Your vehicle may have a brake fluid leak, need the brake pads replacing, or have a sensor failure get it checked out at your local garage.

The problem:If the light comes on while youre driving, there could be water in your fuel filter, or you may have filled up with contaminated fuel.

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Safe to drive:No, if you need to press your brake further than usual – your hydraulic brake circuits may have failed. Pull over and get in touch with us.

The problem:It could be as simple as a sensor fault but a garage will let you know what the issue is.

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Next steps:Get a garage to check the engine soon to avoid damaging the catalytic converter or diesel particulate filter.

Next steps:Get your ABS checked as soon as possible if the light comes on while youre driving.

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