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Harps – Bulb Clips – Shade Adapters

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Chandelier Ceiling Canopies Escutcheon Plates Center Lockups Cross Bar Lockups

E-26 Edison Medium Base Standard Lamp Sockets

Wire Power Cords with Molded Plugs Cloth Fabric / Plastic

Outlets – Female Extension Cord – Convenience

Wire on the Roll or By the Foot Fabric / Plastic

Led, Halogen, and Specialty Lamp Holders

Nozzles – Female to Male Thread Adapters

1/4-27 Thread Finials (Fits Harp Size Thread)

Solid Style Bodies – Splitter Disk Armbacks

Clusters – Table & Floor Lamp – Lantern – Ceiling Fixture Clusters

Pipe – Threaded Ends – Lamp Pipe – Fixture Stems

Switches – Fixture & Power Cord Switches

E-39 Base Mogul Lamp Sockets and Adapters

E-17 Base Intermediate Lamp Sockets

Dimmers Switches – Lamp Cord Dimmers – Base Dimmers – Pole Dimmers

Gas Attachments – Bendable Socket Mount

Transformers – LED Drivers – Ballasts

Nuts – Lamp Nuts – Wire Nuts – Threaded

For Common Questions about Chandelier Ceiling Canopies and their Uses clickhere

Ring Style Lamp and Chandelier Bodies

Wire – Lamp Wire – Fixture Wire – Cordsets with Plugs and Switches – Wire Accessories

Hickeys – Fixture Hickeys – Lamp Hickeys

Canopies - Pendant - Chandelier

Wire Crimping – Stripping – Cutting Tools

Holders – Glass Shade Holders – Neckless Holders – Fitters

Chandelier Ceiling Canopies also known as escutcheons cover the electrical box. A Canopy can be used as a Back Plate for Wall Sconces or as Bases for Lamps.

Cross Bars – Fixture Bars – Mounting Plates

Metal Candle Covers and Candle Toppers

Wire Power Cords with Molded Plugs Cloth Fabric / Plastic

Plugs – Male Lamp Plugs – Appliance Plugs

Weights For Table and Floor Lamps – Loaders

Lamp Sockets – Light Sockets – Lamp Holders

Cups – Candle Cups – Lamp Socket Cups

Glass Lamp Shades – Fitter Glass Shades – Dishes – Reflectors – Floor Lamp

Candle Socket Covers – Socket Sleeves

Lamp Shades – Cloth, Glass, Metal and Plastic Lamp Shades

Washers – Flat Washers – Lock Washers – Rubber Washers

Bushings – Strain Reliefs – Rubber Grommets

Dimmers – Lamp Cord Dimmers- Wall Dimmers – Base Dimmers – Pole Dimmers

Couplings – Threaded Couplings – Slip Couplings

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