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Buying Guides

Best Car OBD2 Scanners Readers to Buy in 2018

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Are you looking for a little extra punch from your marine stereo? Finding a top notch marine subwoofer for your boat is the solution. You may think an aftermarket subwoofer is just for seasoned audiophiles, but theyre for anybody who wants more out of their marine audio. The best subwoofers for boats not only add

If you care about the appearance of your car, truck, RV, SUV, motorcycle or watercraft you need a good chamois. Probably more than one. A chamois is used to dry off water. Whether it comes from the car wash or a recent shower, if you leave water to dry naturally the result will be unsightly spots. This

Best Budget 6.5 Component Speakers

6 Best Marine and Boat Speakers to Buy in 2018

If you want to improve the sound system in your car, installing one of the best powered subwoofers is a great way to do so. These low-frequency speakers deliver superior bass to your sound system. Theyll give your music more impact and rumble. Whether you prefer rock, hip hop, or dance music, having a subwoofer

5 Best Chamois Drying Cloths to Buy for Your Car, Truck or RV

Best 6 x 8 Car Speakers

5 Best Powered Car Subwoofers to Buy in 2018

Car Battery Power Buying Guide

5 Best Chamois Drying Cloths to Buy for Your Car, Truck or RV

Best Marine Equipment,Marine Speakers

You probably already have a stereo system in your boat. But can the wakeboarder, surfer or tuber behind you hear what you can hear? With a set of the best wakeboard tower speakers, you can bring your favorite music to your favorite watersport. Wakeboard tower speakers are designed to mount on boat towers. Theyre meant

A portable jump starter is a great device to have handy at all times. Almost everyone has experienced a dead car battery. And if not, its almost a guarantee that you will in the future. Save yourself from the trouble of flagging someone down for a jump or hooking up long and tangled jumper cables

Best High End 6.5 Component Speakers

How To Installing Your Car Alarm or Remote Car Starter

Best Marine Equipment,Marine Speakers

Its common to replace the factory-issued halogen headlights with one of the best HID headlight conversion kits. Headlights have come a long way since the first oil-based ones used in the 1880s. Also referred to as Xenon lights, these high-intensity discharge (HID) lights are brighter than their halogen counterparts. They also produce much less heat than other headlights. HID kits

Best Car OBD2 Scanners Readers to Buy in 2018

When it comes to offroading, you need the best LED offroad light bars possible. You not only need a high-quality product that can take a few knocks, you need bright lights that clearly show the path ahead. When you are searching for lights, consider these LED bar. They are the definitely among the top rated

Boat head units and stereos are often overlooked. Most boaters either settle for the stock unit or buy a car stereo to install in the boat. While you can get adequate sound out of either of these methods, you cant beat finding the a quality, high performance marine stereo. One thats water resistant and packed

Dashboard cameras or dash cams are not whimsical car accessories to dress up your vehicles; they are additional components that can be used to protect and safeguard you for insurance purposes, inform you of your speed and location, and provide you with some level of peace of mind that major events can be accurately captured

Best Car OBD2 Scanners Readers

7 Best Boat and Marine Amplifiers to Buy in 2018

Ever left your headlights on for too long? Or, listened to music while you wait for someone or something? Just to find that when youre ready to turn your car back on.. CLICK CLICK CLICK CLICK. It could happen at a hotel, the grocery store, gas station, anywhere! Whatever the case that may have led

Roadster, Model X, Model S and now the Model 3. Theyre all special and naturally you want to look after yours, maybe even personalize it a little. Well youll pleased to know theres a wide range of accessories for whichever Tesla you drive. And if youre not in the enviable position of owning a Tesla,

Theres more car audio and video electronics on the market than ever before. This means theres more information to sift through and more things to read. Here are our guides to finding the best car audio and video products today.

4 Best Portable Jump Starters to Buy in 2018

The best marine amplifier can make the audio on your boat go from background noise to the main attraction. Not only is an amplifier good for powering subwoofers, but it can add extra punch to all of your speakers. Nothing adds to the party like a nice, loud and clear sound system playing your favorite

How To Evaluating Car Audio Systems

Anybody who enjoys listening to music knows that one of the best ways to experience it is through a set of high quality speakers. But high quality speakers dont always translate to the best marine speaker. Whether youre on a lake, in the ocean, or elsewhere similar, finding a pair of speakers thatll withstand the

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Back in the day, only larger motorcycles were equipped with sound systems. Today, motorcycle speakers and sound system kits can be mounted even on both large and small bikes. With the number of different brands, the question is how to choose the best bike speakers with the least amount of trouble. Another two factors that

What do you do when a warning light comes on? If its the Check Engine light most of us keep driving. If its signaling an anti-lock braking system (ABS) or supplementary restraint system (SRS airbag) fault we might be more concerned. The only way of knowing if the problem is serious is by reading

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