Bulb Failure Postion Light

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This XC90 was just at the dealership for other work and as we were waiting to leave, the service manager came to us and said that this light was on and they needed to check it out. So they made us late for lunch while we waited. They had already had it for 2 weeks fixing another problem, but yet they only found this one at the last second. he said it was fixed, but now 3 days later, the same light is back on Looks like Tulsa Volvo is getting ready to lose a star from their 5 star service rating.

Bulb Failure Postion Light [XC90][2007]

Bulb Failure Postion Light [XC90][2007]

Any help is greatly appreciated, because there are no obvious lights not burning. I know that on my 244 GL, it could be finicky about showing the bulb failure light while having a new bulb on one side while leaving an old one in the equivalent socket on the other side. Could this be a situation like that? Does the XC90 compare bulb load on either side to determine a bulb failure like my 244 did?

I understand Bulb Failure, but what does it mean by Position Light?

Getting an warning light on the dash of the 2007 XC90 that says Bulb Failure Position Light.

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