bulb failure position light message keeps displaying

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Double check all the bulbs, you likely have a bulb out. If youre 100% all the bulbs are working then you have to be sure you have the correct bulbs in the car.

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I had that to. Its a light near the front tire. Just a little pry forward and it pops out. Takes about a minute to fix.

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Appel urgent message car wont start

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bulb failure position light message keeps displaying

No check engine light is on but inspection told me that there excess oxygen in the exhaust

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I have a 2007 s80 Volvo and theres excess oxygen in the exhaust what does this mean

I had no problems with the car switched it off to go to the shop got back in it and i had appel urgent message and th…

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I Have A 2007 S80 Volvo And Theres Excess Oxygen In The …

Bulb failure position light message keeps displaying

I keep receiving a display message that states bulb failure postion light ..All lights are working what does this mean..

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Appel Urgent Message Car Wont Start

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Starting sequence-If I hesitate for 1 second, everything is OK

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