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Of course every time I take it to the dealer it is not showing 🙂

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The Msg. bulb failure position light just came on in my msg. center. Can anyone tell me what this problem is, where it is and if I can fix it or does it have to be taken to the dealer?

…well guys. You have 2001 S60 – so probably you have the same problem as I had couple months ago – never changed a bulb in tail light. Seehereto find whats the problem.

Yup, slamming the trunk seems to have solved the problem….for now anyway. However, I am sure this problem will arise again, so I am going to figure out how to change the bulb beforehand.

…and dont slam the car Its Volvo

Go ahead and replace all tail bulbs. I replaced one and 2 days later another and another. Its only a few bucks and youll have peace of mind. Same fault code.

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I would say I get that mesage about 25% of the time I start my car. I just ignore it now.

On my 2001 S60, this message showed up and I found all four rear running lights had burned out. A quick trip to the local auto parts store and 20 later, working fine and no message. Easy to change out from within the trunk.

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Try tail lights. Two in each side. Sometimes they are not blown, but just need reseating. Shouldnt need dealer, the manual will tell you how to change the bulb.

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